Personal Boot Camp

“Our experience with Top Tier’s Personal Boot Camp was incredible! This 3-day experience exceeded my expectations in every way. My daughter was super anxious about the whole college admissions process, and in just 3 days of her summer, she was FINISHED with it! J. was super calming, knowledgeable, and reassuring. L left feeling great about herself as a college candidate. We loved working with her.”

–K.B., Personal Boot Camp parent
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Can’t travel to our Boston, MA Boot Camp? No problem!

Spend 3 days of your choosing working directly with one of our Personal Boot Camp Senior Counselors and put your college application stress behind you. No other program in the world brings the expertise of Application Boot Camp® directly to your doorstep.
*Virtual in 2021

Prior to
Personal Boot Camp®
students receive:

  • Personalized Admissions Report:
    A detailed assessment of academic credentials, road map for targeted colleges, ways to hone your academic niche, advice on class selection, and standardized testing
  • Personal Consultation:
    Meet with Dr. Michele Hernandez or Mimi Doe via phone to discuss your Admissions Report and review next steps
  • e-Copies Of:
    The Ultimate Guide to Top High School Summer ProgramsThe Ultimate Guide to Top High School Contests and Awards, Resource Guide, Activity Sheet Tips and Samples, Activity Sheet Template, practice ACT and SAT exams
  • Access To:
    All recorded virtual workshops from Mimi and Michele

During the 3 days of
Personal Boot Camp®
students will:

  • Work with a Senior Counselor Who Travels to YOU
  • Complete the Entire Common Application
  • Prepare a Suite of Essays using the Application Boot Camp® Plan
  • Complete an Activity Sheet
  • Take Part in Interview Training

This exclusive program is extremely limited & is available on a first come, first served basis.


Three days of one-on-one work with a Senior Counselor from the Application Boot Camp® team.
Tuition plus travel & accommodations

Current juniors – we’re now booking registration for summer 21’.

High Praise From Past Clients:

I couldn't be happier with everything we have received already from E and TTA. E is amazing! Again, thank you… I know that you don't give people the ability to do reference checks due to confidentiality, but just know that we will be sending folks your way!!!”–R.T., Personal Boot Camp parent
“B was a phenomenal teacher who guided me through a crazy college process with ease in the matter of one weekend.–S.A., Personal Boot Camp student
“Whatever the highest rating is for Boot Camp, I'd say TTA and E rank higher than that! This is a very stressful process. Having someone so knowledgeable serve as the intermediary both ensured we were going about the process correctly, as well as preserved our relationship with our son.”–K.M., Personal Boot Camp parent
"L. was a beacon of calm at the start of this daunting process. Highly organized, intelligent and a lovely calming presence. This was such a stress-free experience, if such a thing exists in this grueling process!"
–M.C., Personal Boot Camp student
"I wanted to take a minute to share some great news, and also to express my gratitude to Top Tier and to B. We worked with B in 2017 when our oldest was preparing her college applications, and she was admitted ED1 to Vanderbilt, which was her dream school. She is thriving at Vandy and is now 3 semesters in to a pre-med program that she loves. This past year, we again worked with B as our younger son began to think through his application strategy and ways to improve his candidacy through his extracurricular activities and some additional college-level coursework last summer. P was admitted to Vanderbilt ED1 yesterday. He worked hard to focus on putting forward the best representation of his strengths and interests, and B was an integral part in helping P think through how best to do that. The guidance that B provided as he advised P made a material difference in the decisions that P made this past year, and the result was a very strong application with essays that we believe differentiated P amidst a very competitive pool of candidates. We are so grateful for the wise counsel and informed advice on practical matters regarding this process, and we recommend Top Tier enthusiastically to other parents. B is an absolute professional, and an undisputed expert on this process holistically, and his writing mastery was so helpful to P in refining his application essays. The service you provide is top notch, and the qualifications of the team that you've assembled are exactly what our kids needed to feel confident about this process."
–A.J., Personal Boot Camp parent
"I am so relieved to have all of these essays done, especially because I know they would’ve hung over my head all summer. I wanted to thank L again for all of her help. She is so wise and intelligent and clearly knows what she is doing, so her help with my essays was priceless. I was so lucky to work with her and I know I wouldn’t have dug so deep without her guidance."
–M.C., Personal Boot Camp student
"Thank you so much for helping me through Bootcamp and for working with me to finalize my application! I feel much more confident and reassured about the application process now, especially having your approval and comments! Thank you for helping organize such a great event and for providing me with so much great feedback!"–B.S., Personal Boot Camp student
"Our experience with Top Tier’s Personal Boot Camp was incredible! This 3-day experience exceeded my expectations in every way. My daughter was super anxious about the whole college admissions process, and in just 3 days of her summer, she was FINISHED with it! J. was super calming, knowledgeable, and reassuring. L left feeling great about herself as a college candidate. We loved working with her." –K.B., Personal Boot Camp parent
"B. and M. have been the best senior counselors and supporters for our son T. with his last minute applications. I just wanted to pass this on to your staff. I know you know how excellent they are, but they really are that and then some! T.'s essays are still a work in progress with several more edits ---they are our lifesavers in this 11th hour. Thank you SO much for your team!" -R.O., Personal Boot Camp student/parent and Essay Guidance Program student
"E., I just wanted to let you know that I got into Barnard Early Decision! Thank you for everything you have done!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me! Thank You!!" - H.L., Personal Boot Camp student
Barnard, Class of 2023
Our Personal Boot Camp was great - intense, meaningful, & productive! Communication was 100% prior to the Boot Camp, our emailed questions were answered very quickly and thoroughly and during Boot Camp everything was perfect. We didn't have any concerns or questions. Post Boot Camp communication has continued to be wonderful!J. was truly a perfect match for S. She quickly bonded with her, truly listened to what she wanted to share in her essays, and guided her towards writing wonderful submissions! I know S. would love to stay in touch with her forever - she truly is an exceptional mentor. Our son will be yours too! –S.M., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
I really appreciate all of your hard work, suggestions and help for P. This has been immensely helpful and do not think we could have done this without you.  Really appreciate all the creative ideas and added activities that really help make P’s application stand out a little more.  We will definitely keep you in the loop and have already given you as a referral to several families. You have been awesome. Thank you! –B.B., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
J. exceeded my expectations for B’s Personal Boot Camp. She was experienced and informative regarding the admissions process, and worked well with B to complete 13 essays in a weekend. The program was so organized and the best part was completing so many essays in such a short time period.I had many questions regarding the admission process and she answered all of them completely. She also reassured me about B.’s college choices and suggested others. I was really impressed with J.! She worked extremely well with B. and it was a painless process for me as a parent. B.’s applications are complete without any arguments or stress!Overall, it was a great experience and J.'s strategy with B.’s applications worked perfectly. J. was a pleasure to work with and really helped his applications come to life. I have recommended TTA to a friend, and this is my second time using your services. My older son was accepted to his first choice college.” –T.F., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
On behalf of T, I'm letting you know that she has been accepted to Princeton. We cannot thank you enough for all your help! – P.N, Personal Boot Camp parent
"E., thanks so much for your support. I recently looked into my Princeton folder on my laptop and found 27 files--multiple versions of essays, abstracts, graded writing papers and supporting documents. Each has been revised by you three to six times. I couldn't be more thankful for the time and effort you have put into helping me complete this application. I would not have dreamed of being accepted without your support!" –H.N., Personal Boot Camp student
Princeton Class of 2023
I got into NYU’s Liberal Global Study Program! I just want thank you for all your help and support during that intense three-day Boot Camp (I am so happy, and I'm running out of words to say). – J.M., Personal Boot Camp student
I wanted to let you know that I got in ED to Columbia! I am super excited to join my sister there. Thank you! –B.W., Personal Boot Camp student
Just wanted to share the fun news.... D WAS ACCEPTED TO TUFTS TODAY! Thank you for everything!!! We will be back with T soon! Happy, happy holidays and much gratitude for making the application process relatively painless!!! –L.W., parents ofPersonal Boot Camp student
Tufts Class of 2023
"We as parents, and B, have so much to be grateful for, and high up the list is the excellent support provided by you. B was accepted at every college to which she applied. She will attend UVA in the fall, which accepted her regular decision. We were expecting waitlist at best at UVA, so there was great celebration. She was also accepted at CU Boulder, the University of Georgia, and the University of Vermont. UGA deferred the early decision and she was later accepted in the regular pool in March. Thank you so much for your very meaningful help with her applications. It's quite easy to say that you have given him great opportunities in life. Please send our appreciation to your team at Top Tier, as well."
– parent of Personal Boot Camp student
"I am excited to announce that I have been admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn!!! Thank you for all the help in developing my application and all the work that has been done." – Personal Boot Camp student
"After working with you, T has definitely become more mature through this process of thinking about where she wants to go for college and what her options are. Thanks to you, she is able to articulate what she did in high school and what her goals are for college in her various essays. A big thank you!" --C.P., Personal Boot Camp parent
"I wanted to let you know that J. was a tremendous success. S. very much enjoyed working with her and accomplished a lot during their three days together. J. was also lovely to have around at our home, she was very easy going and we all enjoyed her company. We would be thrilled to have her back to work with our two daughters in due course!" --R.W., Personal Boot Camp parent
“I will be attending UVA (my first choice!) this fall, and I was also accepted early action to UNC Chapel Hill. I withdrew my other applications. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!” –A.D, Personal Boot Camp student
"R. was amazing to work with and incredibly responsive! His attention to detail and ability to get our daughter to focus on the application process was extremely beneficial and actually got P. really excited about the whole process. P.’s days were intense but she was thrilled to have accomplished so much in three days. My husband and I wish to thank R. and everyone at Top Tier for their assistance!" --S.T., Personal Boot Camp parent
"I burst out laughing reading R’s Common App essay.  The first sentence of the second paragraph is hilarious. Oh my goodness it is so funny- AND TERRIFIC!!! I enjoyed the progression, and it certainly kept my interest.  You helped to bring out the best in R. What a gift.  Wow!!! 'Thank you' cannot convey how well you facilitated R's ability to convey herself and her interests in these essays." --T.W., Personal Boot Camp parent
"Thank you so much for the work you did with T.  We are thrilled and know the guidance you gave him made the difference! SO glad this is over.  Now he has to decide....!" --Y.U., Personal Boot Camp student
"B. and M.--I just found out about Northwestern....and I got in! It's so overwhelming, but amidst it all I just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am for all the help you have given my family and I. I honestly would not have been able to do any of this without you guys. We are so appreciative of your hard work and guidance. We cannot thank you enough. Hope you have a wonderful weekday and holiday season!"-R.K., Personal Boot Camp Student
"My wife and I would like to thank you so much for a very productive PBC over the last three days. B. is awesome! And of course, M. has provided us so many valuable suggestions. We can really see your dedication and love for what you do. Our family, especially T., is more comfortable with the college application process now. We only wish that we would have reached out to Top Tier Admissions last year. Once again, thanks a lot for everything!" -O.R., Personal Boot Camp parent
"We can't begin to thank you enough for G's personal boot camp this weekend with P. He is not just excellent, he is exceptional!! What a talent he has in his writing ability and his ability to bring out an advanced writing skill in our son G. He is so pleased with his essays. They both were extremely diligent. P. has a gift to be able to communicate so well with G. as well as with us. If we could, we would love to adopt him!" -D.C., Personal Boot Camp parent
"It was such a great experience. R. is amazing, and your service with the application boot camp is worth every penny. I am so glad we worked with your consulting group." -F.P., Personal Boot Camp Parent

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