College Admissions Private Counseling

America’s premier college consultants, Dr. Michele Hernández, Mimi Doe, Dr. Eliza Fox, Dr. Kristen Willmott, Maria Laskaris, Dr. Elizabeth Doe Stone and Anita Doar offer private counseling starting as early as 8th grade for those students who want ongoing, personalized, unlimited-time access.

“Phew! That reg. form was long and unexpected but I really loved and valued all of the questions. It was actually really amazing and touching that TTA takes so much time to get to know my child. This intake form is an affirmation of your work and provided me a small intro into what I can expect through the entire process. Really looking forward to working with you!”

– J.R., Private Counseling parent

Private College Admissions Counseling for Grades 8-12 Includes:

  • Personalized Admissions Report: Evaluation of a student’s background in academic, personal, & extracurricular areas
  • Reading list and vocabulary program: Geared towards standardized test prep
  • Personalized Testing Schedule: Year-by-year strategy for standardized testing
  • Customized Guidance: Course planning, extracurricular choices, and summer plans
  • Academic Niche: Support in articulating and developing an academic edge
  • Application Strategy: Crafting a final college list for early and regular admission
  • College Applications: Assistance with the Common Application – essays, activity sheet, awards and background information
  • Interview Prep: Alumni and on-campus

“WOW!! I LOVE all the information! I’ve read through all of it and just WOW. Rarely do I like to commit to long term contracts, but I’m so glad I took the plunge, and S had so many wonderful things to say about TTA. I know K is in very capable and creative hands.”

– C.P., Private Counseling parent

High Praise From Past Clients:

As I wrap up my high school career, I want to thank you for the positive impact you have had on this unique experience. I have had a fantastic three years under your guidance, and I will definitely miss your help as I head off to college. I have committed to Caltech, which I think is a fantastic school, and I am hoping to have a great time there.”–S.T., Private Counseling student
"Dear K, I want to thank you for all of the help you have given me throughout the years, especially senior year with all of the essay edits and looking though all of the applications. I also want to thank you for pushing me to take classes and tests that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do, and I think that I’ve uncovered my potential for academic success in the future.” B.N., Private Counseling student
"It was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you so much for everything! T is so excited to attend Berklee!"–A.J., Private Counseling parent
"It’s official!!! I received my acceptance to Middlebury today and I’m super excited. Thank you so much for guiding me through this process. I would not have been able to do it without you. I think Middlebury is going to be a great fit for me over the next four years!"–T.A., Private Counseling student
"We are so proud and happy for B to get to go to his first-choice school… Thank goodness! We are SO relieved. Thank you for all your patience and help!"–F.D & R.D, Private Counseling parents
"I GOT IN!!!!!!! Thank u so much for all of the help with everything throughout the whole process! I cannot wait for my first semester in Miami! Thank you for everything!"–S.W., Private Counseling student
"Thank you so much for ALL that you have done to help S get into her first-choice college!! She has been over the moon since finding out! What an incredible program TTA has. She really was not confident that she would get in. I think that was for sure a defense mechanism. She was happy to hear that she got into Fordham just because she felt like she was at least in a school only to find out an hour later that she was accepted to Miami!  You have had such patience throughout the ever-changing process but at the same time such a positive push when necessary. S has been through so much during high school so this is such a very happy outcome! Thank you again! It has been such a pleasure working with you!"–C.D., Private Counseling parent
"We are SO happy he was accepted in Babson! Thank you, Kristen, you definitely made a big difference!!!"–H.G., Private Counseling parent
"Thank you so much for the review and feedback! I got into Yale and Harvard! I'm SO excited!"–P.S., Private Counseling student
K committed to Stanford last weekend. She had some hesitations before which I guessed was because of the connections she has already built with Caltech. Stanford has been K’s dream school for a long time. Being able to start her next chapter at Stanford is truly a grand ending to her high school career. We were lucky to have you helping her get through the application process and are grateful for all of your guidance and encouragement. Looking back, we are amazed that it was a journey full of pleasant memories, and much of the credit goes to you.”S.L., Private Counseling parent
"Mimi, my time at Yale is off to a pretty good start! The courses I’ve picked are going to be challenging but I think it will be fun. I was thinking about you the other day too because I realized how much I like it here and how thankful I am to the people who made this possible for me... chief among them is you!"
–P.L., Private Counseling student
"Thanks to you and Top Tier this year has been incredibly exciting for us! Getting the ED admission to Duke last December brought K so much happiness and then relief knowing she would not have to wait till April for RD results to come out. She got to relax some and enjoy the rest of senior year. Thank you so much for working with K these past few years helping to shape her interests and focusing on how to best present herself to colleges for admission."
-Y.D., Private Counseling parent
"We heard just this moment that L got into Princeton!! More later but thank you for tirelessly working for this with her. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have you!"
–H.J. Private Counseling parent
"Dear Michele & Yvonne, I just wanted to send a short email to thank both of you for helping and guiding me the past four years. I received my USMA appointment in the mail Friday night, and I will be accepting the offer. I’m in LA right now for my USC merit scholarship interview tomorrow, but I will still be going to West Point. None of this would have been possible without you two! Thank you!"
–C.J., Private Counseling student
"M and M, I wanted to thank you both again for everything you helped me with over the past couple of years — I couldn’t be more grateful. As much as I dreamed of going to Duke, it’s crazy to think I am actually here now... and I just finished this year with a 3.858 GPA!!"
-D.S., Private Counseling student
"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in guiding P and helping her get into UVA! She came a long way from where she started to finish as the top girl in her graduating class. Your guidance and recommendations were priceless. She is so excited and ready to go off to college. As parents who went to college, we were ignorant about the world of admissions and with your help we were able to make it happen. Thank you!"
-B.D., Private Counseling parent
"Thank you so much for everything! We are grateful that you are part of the team and G’s strongest supporter! We wouldn’t be here without you. We look forward to G’s last stretch, and also look forward working to you working with our second child!"
–S.Y., Private Counseling parent, x2
"M has made her final decision to commit to the University of Michigan and is very excited! . . . Thanks again for everything! Your advice was hard to hear at times but right on! It all worked out for her!"
—K.L., Private Counseling parent
"Thank you to you and Yvonne for the help over the years - I’m very thankful for the guidance you provided me with and know that without it, the college process would’ve been much more difficult and unmanageable for me!" –O.S., Private Counseling student
"On top of Yale, I ended up getting into Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton, and am planning on attending the visit days for them in order to make my decision! Thank you both so much for your advice, your support, and all the continuous revising; it made all the difference!" --M.L., Private Counseling student
"I'm just so deeply grateful for everything that you and M have done for me... for always encouraging me, for giving me the tools to take my application to the next level, and for patiently explaining admissions strategies to me. I also can't even begin to thank you for all the time you spent on the phone rallying me when my confidence was shaken or I felt like everything I had worked for was going to fall apart because of the math section of the SAT. Having you as a coach was the best part of this insane process and my mom and I have no doubt that I wouldn't be going to Columbia if it weren't for your help. I'm excited about Columbia and about the scholarship (even though I'm not really sure what being a 'John Jay scholar' means) and am taking the time to reflect on what it is I want to do with my life. Thank you again, so very much!"
–B.S., Private Counseling student
"Thank you both for all your efforts with T. We know she can now handle college and beyond. We’ve noticed such growth in her confidence and abilities over the four years. Thank you!"
–L.M., Private Counseling parent
"M, thanks so much for the kind words. Thank you also for all of your help over the past four years. Your realism and sound advice pushed me far beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I definitely wouldn't have made it this far otherwise! I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing at UChicago (I can't wait to get started!)"
–B.N., Private Counseling student, U Chicago
"Such good news… P got into Columbia and Duke! Such great news! She also received the Regents Scholarship at UC Berkeley! She could not have gotten these without your help! Thank you!!"
–G.T., parent of Private Counseling student
"I am very happy to let you know I got accepted into Princeton (off deferral) and UPenn and I got a research scholarship at Cornell!! I wanted to thank both of you for all of your help throughout the really long and harsh essay writing process, as well as your constant support in these last few years. I very much appreciate it and I highly doubt I could have achieved this without your help. I am definitely going to be enrolling in Princeton today. Thank you both for all of your help!!"
-O.R., Private Counseling student
"Thanks a million for all your guidance and support! We are forever grateful!"
-T.R., Private Counseling parent
"I'm SO grateful to you for the coaching and suggestions that put me on the more scholarly path I've been following these last few years.  Yes, getting into Williams is great -- but even greater, I think, is the lifelong impact that my high school academic endeavors will have on me. Being exposed to outstanding professors and bright and ambitious students after my freshman year opened up my mind to all kinds of possibilities, and changed my ideas about what I wanted to strive for, how I approach learning, and what I think I am capable of achieving.  The college acceptances are nice, but they don't even seem like the central focus anymore -- the process itself was really the reward.  I'm more grateful to you and to Top Tier than I can say."
–C.K., Private Counseling student
"Thank you again for all the help M, I couldn't do it without you! I still can't believe I am choosing between Yale, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, and Wash U."
–J.K., Private Counseling student
"I’m extremely excited to start at UChicago! I would like to thank both of you enormously for everything. You have been an incredible influence on me and are truly a phenomenal duo. Thanks, in part to you both, I’m going to have a great time relaxing with my family this summer before I head off to UChicago in September! Thank you!" – T.E., Private Counseling student
"Thank you so much for all of your help over the past three years. I would not have been able to make it this far without your guidance." –P.K., Private Counseling student


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