Academic Writing Program

college admissions academic writing program

Over our past 20+ years of working with students, we can tell you that writing is one of the most important skills students can develop for success not just in high school, but also in college and professional life.

Our writing tutors work with students in middle and high school to foster their academic writing abilities. We develop customized programs for each student, tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Although we specialize in the types of writing most often required at the secondary level—essays, book reports, research papers and reader responses—we’re happy to work with students on other types of writing projects as well.

The Academic Writing Program includes a 15-minute introductory call and 5 or 10 hours of one-on-one guided writing instruction, along with personalized writing exercises and essay feedback from your tutor. This program—conducted via phone, email, and video chat—is intensive, and it is designed to run over the course of 1-3 weeks.

Our Academic Writing Program includes:

  • Personalized Writing Analysis: Our tutors will review samples of your work and develop with you a game-plan for improving your writing.
  • 5 or 10 Hours of One-on-One Guided Writing Instruction: You’ll work with one of our tutors by phone, Skype, and email to learn approaches and techniques to better your writing. Instead of working out of a textbook, we’ll create customized strategies and exercises specifically for you, and we’ll go over them with you on a one-on-one basis.
  • A Polished Piece of Academic Writing: At the conclusion of your program, you’ll put your new skills to use by producing an essay, research paper, book report, reader response, or other writing project that allows you to showcase your new skills. We’re happy to help you develop a piece of writing that suits a school assignment.

Our counselors are accustomed to tutoring over the phone and reviewing drafts by email. They can work with students from anywhere in the world, at any time.

This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

High Praise From Past Clients:

"I had a wonderful experience working with B.! It definitely relieved my stress through the college application process, and I would recommend the package to any future applicants. I enjoyed the freedom to discuss essay topics and to brainstorm creative ideas; also, it was nice to have an expert opinion from someone familiar with what admissions officers are looking for in an essay." -F.R., Essay Guidance Package student
"I sincerely want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given E. during the application process. I really appreciate your input and help!" -- R.S., Essay Guidance Program parent
"I just got my ED2 acceptance! I am beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for all your help this year. My essays truly shined under your guidance and I know they made a huge difference in making me stand out among the other applicants. I already told my parents that they should use this service for my brother's college applications. Thank you so very much." -J.U., Essay Guidance Package student, December 2013
"The pace in the Essay Guidance Package was great because I felt like I was the one who set it. B. gave detailed feedback. I wouldn't have ended up with as great of essays without ABC!" -T.Y., Essay Guidance student
"B. was such a help, so patient, prompt, and with us right up until the end. We loved him."-S.Y., Essay Guidance Parent
"Just got a decision from UPenn. ACCEPTED!!!! 🙂 Still can’t believe it. Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given. Really appreciate it." – Essay Guidance Program student, U Penn Class of 2022
“I got into Stern at NYU and Wharton at Penn! I am beyond excited and grateful. Thank you so much for all you've done to help me throughout this whole process. I'm really happy it worked out the way it did!” – S.F., Essay Guidance Program/Common App 911 Program student
"T. has decided on Vanderbilt. We are so thankful for M. - I think his support was key in T. getting her scholarship!" --Y.R., Essay Guidance Program parent
"I finished all of my essays except 1. 5 hours was a really good amount. B. responded within 24 hours and gave great advice! ABC helped me improve my essays so much AND kept me motivated! -H.D., Essay Package Student
"Thank you again for forcing me to let go of my initially-prized hospital volunteering main essay to write the more unique biology-oriented essay...I was originally really stuck on that one but writing the new ones were so worth it." - N.C., Essay Guidance student
"L., I just want to say thank you so much for working with me! You provided me with so much constructive advice that I'll definitely use in my future essays. Thanks again for all your help and I'll definitely let you know where I end up going." -I.R., Essay Guidance Package student, 2013
"L., thank you so much for all your help! You REALLY put me in the right direction with my essays! I will keep you posted on my college acceptance!" -J.R., Essay Guidance Package student
"I WAS ACCEPTED TO HARVARD!!!!!!!  Thank you so so so much!  ***I know this is so melodramatic*** BUT from the moment I read your first edits I knew my essays were going to be magic.  You are sharp and smart and the best wordsmith I've ever met.  I feel like I learned so much about writing and editing just by sending drafts back and forth with you!  Thank you again so much, you quite literally changed my life." – Essay Guidance Program student, Harvard Class of 2022
"The information offered was helpful for me to get organized. L. challenged me to think about what I should be conveying in my essays, and it made my essays have a lot more depth. L. was excellent --informative, patient, and prompt. I really had no idea where to go with my essays, and L. made it easy to not only know what to write about, but also HOW to write my essays. Thank you!!!" -W.D., Essay Guidance Package student, December 2013
L., I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out with my transfer application! I was accepted to Cornell College of Arts and Sciences starting next semester!! -N.E., Essay Guidance Package student, 2013
"I just wanted to thank you so much (again) for your help on my essays. I was accepted into Princeton and Yale University! Thanks again!" -Y.R., Essay Guidance Package student
"Thank you so much for all of your help! I am very happy with what I was able to produce!" --U.R., Essay Guidance Program student
"My college results are in and I've been accepted early to Stanford and regular to Princeton, Yale and UT Austin's Engineering Honors Program with a full-ride scholarship! Thanks for all the support!" –C.R., Essay Guidance Program student
"I believe working with M. for great essays is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is awesome. Thank you so much." -C.P., Essay Guidance Student
"T. was just accepted to Swarthmore (ED) I greatly appreciate everything you did for her essays! Your meticulous and quick responses and your careful edits made her essays much better and I believe that these essays showed Swarthmore that the college is a perfect fit for T. Again, Thank you so much!" -Parent of Essay Guidance Package Student

Academic Writing Program: 5 hrs


5 HOURS of Private Writing Instruction


Academic Writing Program: 10 hrs


10 HOURS of Private Writing Instruction

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