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Class of 2025: Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates

Even with the many changes COVID-19 has brought to the college admissions landscape, there is one constant that remains for our seniors. ‘The early bird catches the worm.’ The odds go up in the early round and hopefully you have strategically utilized early action and early decision this year.   

Amid the chaos, let us be your one-stop shop for important notification information. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date listing of early decision and early action notification dates for you. Sit back, relax and let the admissions letters (acceptances we hope) roll in!

Notice a school of interest not listed? Simply let us know in the comments and we’ll gather the information for you and post.


Amherst CollegeDecember 15th
Babson CollegeEDI/EA: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Barnard CollegeMid-December
Bates CollegeEDI: by December 20th; EDII: by February 15th
Boston CollegeEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Bowdoin CollegeEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Boston UniversityEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Brown UniversityMid-December
Bucknell UniversityEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)EA: Mid-December
Carnegie Mellon UniversityED: December 15th
Claremont McKenna CollegeEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Colby CollegeEDI: on or before Dec. 15th; EDII: on or before Feb. 15th
Colgate UniversityEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February to Mid-March
Columbia UniversityMid-December
Connecticut CollegeEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Cornell UniversityMid-December
Dartmouth CollegeMid-December
Dickinson CollegeEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Duke UniversityMid-December
Emerson CollegeEDI/EA: Mid-December; EDII/EAII: by February 1st
Emory UniversityEDI: by December 15th; EDII: by February 15th
Georgetown UniversityDecember 15th
Hamilton CollegeEDI: by December 15th; EDII by February 15th
Harvard UniversityMid-December
Harvey Mudd CollegeEDI: mailed December 15th; EDII: mailed February 15th
Haverford CollegeEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Johns Hopkins UniversityEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMid-December
Middlebury CollegeEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
New York University
EDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Northwestern UniversityMid-December
Pomona CollegeEDI: by December 15th; EDII: by February 15th
Rice Universityby mid-December
Stanford UniversityDecember 15th
Swarthmore CollegeOnline Mid-December 
Tufts UniversityEDI: mid-December; EDII: mid-February
Tulane UniversityED: by December 15th; EA: January 15th
University of ChicagoEA/EDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
University of MichiganEA: late January
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillby end of January
University of PennsylvaniaED: Mid-December
University of South CarolinaEA: Mid-December
University of VirginiaED: Mid-December; EA: aim to release by Mid-February
Vanderbilt UniversityEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Villanova UniversityEA: by January 15th; EDI: by December 15th; EDII: by March 1st
Wake Forest UniversityEDI: Rolling; EDII: approximately February 15th
Washington University in St. LouisEDI: December 15th; EDII: February 14th
Wellesley CollegeEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February 
Wesleyan UniversityEDI: Mid-December; EDII: Mid-February
Williams CollegeDecember 15th
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteEAI: January 15th; EAII: March 1st; EDI: December 15th; EDII: February 15th
Yale UniversitySCEA: online Mid-December

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Maybe of interest to some reading the blog (which I love, thank you for doing it), University of Georgia will announce EA decisions on Nov 20. They apparently are seeing a 28% increase in EA applications. Georgia Tech announcing EA decisions for in-state applicants December 5 and out-of-state applicants mid-January. Georgia Tech Early applications apparently are up 25% overall and 18% in-state.

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