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When All Else Fails, Read a Book

As a world community, we are finding ourselves in a time of chaos and panic due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic racing across our globe. Be smart. Be vigilant. Be compassionate. Be understanding. Everyone reacts to fear in their own way and being quarantined for any period of time can be scary and anxiety-inducing.

Our students in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school are all facing sudden changes due to the spread of COVID-19. Schools are closed, spring breaks are extended, learning is moving online, proms are canceled, dissertation defenses are being done via Zoom, science fairs canceled, Olympiads canceled, performances moved to some far-off date. While it’s disappointing and stressful, we are all in this together!


STAY CALM of course and follow all hand washing protocols and, well, you know the drill. But, also use the time in a way that you can control.

Extra time + higher anxiety levels = a greater need to keep your mind busy.

Our best suggestion? Lose yourself in a good book.


Over the past couple of years, we’ve compiled a list of amazing books just asking to be read. Click through and dive into these stories with vigor. Pass the list along to a friend and read the same book.

Best Books of 2018

Best Books for Summer Reading

Best Books of 2019

You’ll never regret picking up a good book and it can take your racing thoughts down another path.

Stay safe and healthy.

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