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What an Admissions Committee Actually Does

We often receive questions from students on what an admissions committee actually does when they review your application and essays and how the process works.

We asked Dr. Michele Hernandez to offer insight into admissions reading rooms based on her admissions experience at Dartmouth, and she noted:  “I remember passionate fights over ‘our’ students (from our region) during committee meetings near the end of the season. Typically, we had to go through hundreds of students in a matter of hours and advocate for the ones we felt deserved an offer of admission. At that point, we could only take maybe one in 10 or 15 students, so even the littlest thing could be enough to eliminate a candidate (well, he did get a B in 11th grade, etc.).”

Are you seeking more information on what happens in an admissions review of your application? NYU just released information on their process and we think it will be helpful to seniors waiting on admissions results from colleges this spring! Admissions decisions will be released soon and in the meantime, read more here to understand how the review process really works.

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