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Waitlisted? We’ve Got You

In the best of times, being waitlisted can feel like purgatory. The uncertainty, the confusion, and the added stress can make the final months of senior year challenging. In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, being placed on the waitlist may feel especially frustrating.

(Admissions in the Time of COVID-19)

We know that a forthright ‘You’re IN’ is what every student desires, but we also recognize that being waitlisted is a reality for many students.


Although many schools don’t publicly report waitlist numbers, one thing is clear: the odds of being admitted off the waitlist are typically intimidatingly low. Since many colleges fill over half of their class through early decision and ‘placeholder’ spots are reserved for hooked (legacy, athletic recruits, etc.) or VIP applicants whose yield potential is quite high, only a small percentage of the thousands of highly qualified students who find themselves on the waitlist will actually be offered a spot in the Class of 2024. And, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 delays and postponements, many schools have extended their commitment date past the typical May 1 deadline, leading to even more waiting.

To see what we mean, take a look at the numbers of students admitted off the waitlist for last year’s Class of 2023:


The good news: you CAN move from admissions purgatory to a school of your dreams. This year we anticipate that schools will use their waitlists more than they have in past years due to the uncertainly of international students accepting offers and overall yield going down. Take action!


Rather than living with the uncertainty, our Waitlist Analysis Program enables you to take focused action NOW. This program provides you with a thorough analysis of your submitted essays and applications, a personalized student report, and customized input and advice on step-by-step strategies for moving forward… into your dream school.

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