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Waitlisted? Take Focused Action Now.

In a normal year, the Waitlist follows a predictable process of waiting until students accept offers of admission and then going down the waitlist to admit students. Thanks to COVID and the tremendous surge of applicants at all top schools, colleges have been forced to waitlist more students than ever in the face of uncertain yields and super low admit rates. Schools like Cornell received 17,000 more applications than they did the previous year (Colgate was up 105% in applications, and in the early round, Columbia 49%, Harvard 57%, Dartmouth 29%).  

Deferral/Waitlist Analysis Program

Launch an action plan to maximize your chances of admission.

We expect that waitlists will be more active than usual with delayed notification dates from the Ivies and then the ripple effect of students accepting offers, freeing up spots at other colleges.


Rather than living with the uncertainty, our Waitlist Analysis Program enables you to take focused action NOW. This program provides you with a thorough analysis of your submitted essays and applications, a personalized student report, and customized input and advice on step-by-step strategies for moving forward… into your dream school.

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