SAT Tutoring

SAT Tutoring

Stressed about the SAT?
Let our Top Tier SAT tutors help you boost your scores.

Need help boosting your SATs? Our SAT tutors have an unsurpassed track record and will work with a schedule that fits your needs via email, phone, and/or video chat. Receive expert SAT tutoring from anywhere in the world.

Conquer the SAT

We have a unique approach to SAT tutoring which has produced incredible results. Our tutors will share step-by-step strategies to tackle SAT questions by leveraging your existing skills and knowledge. The result is a much faster return on your time.

We provide our students with unparalleled customized tutoring. Our proven techniques and customized approach have helped thousands of students maximize their test scores. Learn how to tackle each section of the SAT with confidence, and reduce anxiety regarding this high-stakes test.

This Program Includes:

  • One on one consultation with our tutors after our initial evaluation of your needs
  • Diagnostic test to identify areas to improve
  • An email synopsis of each tutoring session with specific areas to work on plus assignments
  • Personalized homework between sessions
  • Options for video conferencing, phone and email sessions

SAT tutoring can be done via video chat, phone, or email, as determined by the student’s preferences and availability.

* This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.
* Packages unable to be split between multiple tutors.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase to schedule your first tutoring session. If you have any questions, please contact us!

High Praise From Past Clients:

"G. was a tremendous help in helping me prepare for the SAT. His strategies and insight applied to all portions of the tests, from timing to marking texts to approaching multiple choice questions. What's more, G.'s expertise spans many subjects. I had an hour left with him after the SAT, so I spent it on preparing for the AP/SAT Latin exams. His help there, too, was outstanding!"
– L.T., SAT and Subject Test tutoring student
"R felt very positive about his session with you. I haven’t seen him this upbeat about his prospects for the math section in a long time (if ever!).  We’d like to have you continue with him weekly if possible, until the March SAT, and we can re-evaluate as necessary after that. Thank you!"–G.F., SAT tutoring parent
Please tell M. we say hello and that we are so incredibly happy with both tutors! We have tried others in the past and there is no comparison! As always, you guys are top notch! –A.S., parent of SAT tutoring student
"M.-I want to pass on the good news that U. and P. were accepted ED to Dartmouth! Thank you for the exchange we had in September, as well as for your book, both of which helped us enormously. Both kids worked with S. and improved their SAT scores. S. gave test-taking skills and instilled self confidence. I am certain that the improved scores were an important factor in admissions.  This was just what we needed, and I appreciate your offer of many levels of help, even at such a late date. Many thanks-- we are all so happy!" --L.Y., SAT tutoring parent
"A. helped me score in the 98th percentile on my SAT. I couldn't have scored that well without her assistance." -J.R., SAT Tutoring student
"A. and S. were essential to my success on the SAT. I scored in the 99th percentile. I highly recommend A. and S. to anyone who is serious about getting into the university of their choice!" -T. W., SAT Tutoring student
"I got accepted into my first choice college and give a lot of credit to S." -B. R., SAT Tutoring student
"A. my daughter to become a smart test-taker. Because of her SAT score, she qualified for several scholarships and awards. The SAT tutoring program is terrific!" -A. Y., SAT Tutoring parent
"My SAT scores improved by more than 200 points! I would recommend A. to any student who has a desire to improve. Thanks!" -G. S., SAT Tutoring Student
"Just wanted to thank you for helping M. and share the good news. He was extremely ill with a fever the day he took the October SAT's and we considered him not taking it at all, but he still scored 800 on CR (up from 740) and 730 on Math and 730 on Writing. He had a 770 on Math from a prior sitting so he has 2300 from combined sittings. He thought your strategies really helped. Thank you so much!!" -F.D., SAT Tutoring parent
"Hi M. and M., I just checked T's scores. I can't believe it! 800, 800, and 790!!! I know that he listens to every word you say! You have a way with the kids I guess. Thanks to both of you . . . You have gathered an amazing team to help kids. We love you!" -H. E., SAT Tutoring parent
"S. is great - he's really put me inside the minds of the test makers." -S.W. , ACT tutoring student
"My son was able to improve his overall SAT score 150 points! He scored an amazing 770 on Reading and 740 on Math with an overall score of 2240, putting him at the top of the SAT range. I wanted to express my appreciation to you for the recommendation!" -L.C., SAT Tutoring parent
"Working with A. was a great decision. I managed to raise my score from the low 1800s up to the 2150-2250 range after only a few sessions. At the moment, A. is having me focus on the writing section and I know I'll continue pushing up." -V.S., SAT Tutoring student
"With only 5 hours of phone tutoring my daughter's Math score went up 100 points and her critical reading improved by 60 points." -E. W., SAT Tutoring parent
"Initially, we did not realize that there could be so much difference between what the high school college counseling group provides, and what your team provides. In an acceptance year that is widely regarded as a blood bath, the critical difference was working with your awesome team." -O. P., SAT Tutoring parent
"I improved in a section that is apparently harder for most to improve in. But, as you said, if you approach the passages literally, it becomes easy... I originally had a 580 verbal in April and after your help went up to a 780! So again, thanks for giving that common sense philosophy that I needed for this test." -T. W., SAT Tutoring student
"You are such a great teacher! I, a total math dunce, just solved the problem you sent in 20 seconds after reading your explanation. Is there an age limit on taking the SAT? I'm thinking about re-taking it myself." -W. U., SAT Tutoring Parent
"We wanted to share the good news with you: our son got a 780 on his reading to up his super-score to a 2250. He is very happy and we are extremely proud of him. We thank you for all your help. We will be in touch when our daughter needs your help!" -T. E., SAT Tutoring parent
"I just got back my October SAT scores! Here they are: Reading 700, Math 750, Writing 790, Overall 2240. So I am really happy with my scores and I wanted to email you to say THANK YOU for everything!! It really helped alot!!" -V. S., SAT Tutoring student

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