ACT Tutoring

ACT Tutoring

Our renowned ACT tutors routinely help students make enormous gains in their scores.

Work with our top ACT tutors to drill down on your specific areas of weakness with a personalized approach to push up your scores. Let us create the perfect plan for you.

Conquer the ACT

Our tutors’ proven techniques and customized approach have helped thousands of students maximize their test scores. Learn how to tackle each section of the ACT with confidence, and reduce anxiety regarding this high-stakes test.

This Program Includes:

  • One on one consultation with our tutors after initial evaluation of your needs
  • Diagnostic test to identify areas to improve
  • An email synopsis of each tutoring session with specific areas to work on plus assignments
  • Personalized homework between sessions
  • Options for video conferencing, phone and email sessions

ACT tutoring hours can be done via video chat, phone, or email, as determined by the student’s preferences and availability.

* This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.
* Packages unable to be split between multiple tutors.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase to schedule your first tutoring session. If you have any questions, please contact us!

High Praise From Past Clients:

"I’ve started tutoring with Emily and she’s soooo awesome!! My scores are already improving. Thank you!"
–J.K., ACT tutoring student
I could not believe my eyes when I checked S's ACT score first thing this morning. 35 composite! It was amazing to see that his reading score rose from 27 to 33 on this sitting - a 6 point increase! We are so grateful for your timely help and great tutoring. Without your help, he would not be able to achieve this improvement in such a short period of time! Thank you again!  –B.P., parent of ACT tutoring student
“P. earned a composite score of 31 on the ACT. We cannot be more grateful for all of your work with P. He raised his score 5 points from last September’s test. Amazing!” –K.J., ACT tutoring client parent
"I finally received my ACT Writing score from the April 19 test, and my score went up 10 points! I scored a 33, a significant improvement from my 23 just six months ago. I wanted to thank you again for all the advice you gave me and the productive and interesting conversations we had." -E.S., ACT tutoring student
"Thanks to your help, my son scored a 34 on his ACT. I think you have an outstanding program!" -P. S., ACT Tutoring parent
"After working with S. I was able to crack the ACT and got a 36 on all my subscores and a 36 composite score! His help made all the difference in getting those last few points for a perfect score!" -C. S., ACT Tutoring student
"My daughter's ACT score went up several points in less than a week! This program is terrific and I love the insights into the test that A. was able to provide." -M. O., ACT Tutoring parent
"I would absolutely recommend A. as an ACT tutor for a few reasons. When I first started studying for it, the ACT was overwhelming. I had no idea how to approach the questions on each test. A. compartmentalized everything, taught me strategy, and gave me a plan. I am proud of my results and have every confidence that I will have excellent college choices." -M.T., ACT Tutoring student
"I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for helping me on the ACT! My new composite is a 35. I got a 35 on english, 34 on math, 36 on reading, and 33 on science. I really appreciate all of your help, especially in reading and science! Thank you so much!" -A.T., ACT Tutoring student
"Not only did I have a great time working with you, I got accepted to Yale based, in part, on my ACT score! Your advice and support made all the difference." -K. S., ACT Tutoring student
"K. worked with S. on the ACT, which he took in September. S. must be pretty spectacular ... K's ACT score went up from a 28 to a 32-honestly all he did was work with S. to get that bump in scores (and he got a 35 in science and a 34 in math!). K. liked working with S., so could you please let S. know how grateful we are and how much better K. did with his help. Obviously we'll get S. to help with our younger son (currently a junior)..." -J. K., ACT Tutoring parent
"Please give my thanks to A. for making time for me on those few Saturdays! My composite went up to a 35!" -T. O. , ACT Tutoring
"Today I checked to see if my new ACT score had been posted on the ACT site. It came in-I got a 34, which bumped me up from my 32! I got a 36 on the science section thanks to the advice and strategies you gave me. I want to thank you again for all your help." -M.I. (ACT tutoring client)
"S. is great - he's really put me inside the minds of the test makers." -S.W. , ACT tutoring client
"I know it's been a while since I have been in contact with you guys but I've finally received all of my RD decisions and I could not be more thrilled! I got into my top choices Boston University and Syracuse University and now I have no idea where I want to go. It was all thanks to you guys for helping me find the perfect essay to write about and bringing up my ACT scores. I am so thankful! I'll keep you posted on what school I decide!" -R.T. (ACT tutoring client and Boot Camp student)
"I recently got into Williams College ED! I just wanted to let you know because of the huge part you played in my acceptance! I really did enjoy our sessions and learned very, very much from my time with you. You helped me greatly in this next step and I plan to keep in touch! Again, thank you so much for helping me get into my dream school!" -J.W. (Student)
"I got my ACT scores today; 34 overall! A.'s tutoring definitely helped!" -S.E., ACT Tutoring student
"A., I just want to drop a thank you note to you. T. took the ACT today. He said everything was what he expected. T. has really enjoyed your lessons and I can tell that he felt relaxed during the whole preparing process. You really helped him to prepare and feel good about the exam especially; you even went above the five-hour lesson time to offer him extra support. We really, really appreciate everything you did for T. He will update you on his result, and I hope (somehow am confident) it's going to be a decent one.." -R. W. (Parent)
"J. got a 35 composite!!!! I think this should open up even more possibilities!!! We are so happy and have thanked S. Without him it would not have been possible." -K. L., ACT Tutoring parent
"So I just got my score back from the second April ACT that I took and I my score went up 5 points, which is exactly what I needed! Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks again for your help!" -W. E. (Student)

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