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Tips for Saturday’s SAT & Subject Tests

For those of you taking Subject Tests or the SAT on Saturday — good luck! Below are some tips to help you maximize test day and soar!

  1. Eat a healthy dinner the night before — carb loading is a fine idea.
  2. Drink plenty of water so you’re hydrated.
  3. Review your materials this week and one last time Friday night.
  4. Visualize yourself calmly poised over the test, making great progress.
  5. Between each section of the SAT and in-between Subject Tests, bring to mind something that makes you happy and take 3 deep breaths – thinking of that happy thing.  A study with grad school testing showed doing this, pushed up scores by 40%.
  6. Pack some healthy snacks, check out our favorites:
  7. Go to sleep EARLY Thursday and Friday nights.
  8. Be confident! Trust your prep and yourself.

You’ve Got This!

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If you need to boost your scores to put yourself in range of your targeted colleges a tutor is absolutely a great decision. Remember, college admissions officers look at the hard data FIRST – grades and rank, rigor of your course load and standardized test scores! Give admissions officers the reasons they need to read your application essays.

Prep For the Next Round of SAT/Subject Tests

If you missed the October 1st SAT/Subject Test date and are aiming for the November 5th test date (register by Oct. 7th!), start prepping now via practice tests under simulated conditions. Practice, practice, practice, REPEAT.

ACT With Writing

 This next test is fast-approaching (October 22nd) and the late registration deadline is even faster, September 30th which includes a late fee. Again, practice, practice, practice, REPEAT.

Note the below testing chart to see possible testing for you to the end of 2016. Fill in your plan!

ACT & SAT testing schedule 2016
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Take a deep breath and a focused honest look at what you need to do to get where you want to be. Be smart, plan your prep, seek the guidance and assistance you need, use the resources available to you and be absolutely ready to get your SCHOLAR on.

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