“I was accepted in Brown early decision! I cannot thank you all enough for your guidance and support in my application process!”

– Application Boot Camp Student

Recent College Admissions Testimonials

Private Counseling with Dr. Michele Hernandez, Mimi Doe, Dr. Kristen Willmott, Maria Laskaris, Dr. Eliza Fox, Dr. Elizabeth Doe Stone & Anita Doar (8th - 12th)

“M&M, as I wrap up my high school career, I want to thank you for the positive impact you have had on this unique experience. I have had a fantastic three years under your guidance, and I will definitely miss your help as I head off to college. I have committed to Caltech, which I think is a fantastic school, and I am hoping to have a great time there.” –S.T., Private Counseling student

“M, K committed to Stanford last weekend! She had some hesitations before which I guessed was because of the connections she has already built with Caltech. Stanford has been K’s dream school for a long time. Being able to start her next chapter at Stanford is truly a grand ending to her high school career. We were lucky to have you helping her get through the application process and are grateful for all of your guidance and encouragement. Looking back, we are amazed that it was a journey full of pleasant memories, and much of the credit goes to you.” –S.L., Private Counseling parent

“E, I can't imagine going through this process without you! You have the right combination of strategy, knowledge, creativity, and humor. I think S and I grew through this process as you helped open our eyes and expand our thinking in many ways.  We are confident that S put her best self forward through her applications.” –J.A., Private Counseling parent

"M, Thank you so much for the review and feedback! I got into Yale and Harvard! I'm SO excited!" P.S., Private Counseling student

"We are SO happy he was accepted in Babson! Thank you, K, you definitely made a big difference!!!" –H.G., Private Counseling parent

"E, Thank you so much for ALL that you have done to help S get into her first-choice college!! She has been over the moon since finding out! What an incredible program TTA has. She really was not confident that she would get in. I think that was for sure a defense mechanism. She was happy to hear that she got into Fordham just because she felt like she was at least in a school only to find out an hour later that she was accepted to Miami!  You have had such patience throughout the ever-changing process but at the same time such a positive push when necessary. S has been through so much during high school so this is such a very happy outcome! Thank you again! It has been such a pleasure working with you!" C.D., Private Counseling parent

"E, I GOT IN!!!!!!! Thank u so much for all of the help with everything throughout the whole process! I cannot wait for my first semester in Miami! Thank you for everything!" –S.W., Private Counseling student

"K, we are so proud and happy for B to get to go to his first-choice school… Thank goodness! We are SO relieved. Thank you for all your patience and help!"  --F.D & R.D, Private Counseling parents

"M, it’s official!!! I received my acceptance to Middlebury today and I’m super excited. Thank you so much for guiding me through this process. I would not have been able to do it without you. I think Middlebury is going to be a great fit for me over the next four years!" –T.A., Private Counseling student

"M, it was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you so much for everything! T is so excited to attend Berklee!" –A.J., Private Counseling parent

“Dear K, I want to thank you for all of the help you have given me throughout the years, especially senior year with all of the essay edits and looking though all of the applications. I also want to thank you for pushing me to take classes and tests that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do, and I think that I’ve uncovered my potential for academic success in the future.” B.N., Private Counseling student (Caltech)

“K, just wanted to let you know that I got into Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and UPenn’s Life Science & Management program!! So thankful for all of these amazing options!” –H.G., Private Counseling student

“E, if I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same way because my life is so incredible!” .” –F.C., Private Counseling student (Yale)

“Thank you M for all the support, guidance, encouragement and development of my son’s gifts!" — S.S, Private Counseling parent (Yale)

“Our family often acknowledges in conversation that retaining you and M was likely the difference in A’s acceptance to Columbia – particularly when most of his peer group was unable to gain acceptance to their school of choice. You provided a context for the admissions process that we would have never had on our own, and your firm yet compassionate guidance was invaluable in assisting A in achieving his goal. We will always be grateful to you both.” –L.A., Private Counseling parent (Columbia)

“Many thanks to you and M for all your help and guidance. I learned so much from you during the college application process. I used what I learned for scholarship applications and I’m sure I will continue to use it going forward.” –M.P., Private Counseling student (CalTech)

“As we near the end of high school for P, I wanted to thank you and your team for guiding us through the process and the advice you have provided.” — K.P, Private Counseling parent (Dartmouth)

“I’m extremely fortunate to have M and M guiding me in my journey to attend my dream school, they brought the best out of me and placed me in a position I never could achieve on my own. My family and I can’t thank you enough for your commitment and invaluable advice you’ve given me throughout the process!” –N.P., Private Counseling student

“M and M have been working with me for the past three years, and I can say, beyond a doubt, that my college admission success was thanks to their constant help. Working with them has been a pleasure. They’ve helped me through the entire college admissions process and for that I am extremely grateful.” –V.Y., Private Counseling student

“E, as you already knew, S. was accepted by Penn Engineering School. We were very happy for her, as it is her dream school. I would like to thank you for all the help and guidance you gave her in the past few years. She would not have achieved her goal otherwise. You have given her the right advice and made the college application so much less stressful. I really appreciate your balanced approach and emphasis on academic passion instead of specific profession. I also appreciate you encouraging her to read more. Though she did not finish reading all the books on your list, it did get her started on reading books beyond Harry Potter. What you taught her can benefit her beyond college counseling. I am happy for my decision to choose you as S’s counselor almost 4 years ago.” –Private Counseling parent

“Dr. Hernandez has been the single most helpful source of advice during my high school career. Her vast source of knowledge surprised me when she was able to converse with me in diverse subjects ranging from astronomy to literature. Working with Dr. Hernandez has been an incredibly maturing experience: her high expectations have been a constant source of motivation to find my very own niche and to strive in both the academics and the arts. I’m incredibly grateful and lucky to have had the guidance of Dr. Hernandez, without which I would not have been able to stand out as an individual.”- W.H. -Private Counseling student

“E, I just wanted to tell you that I was accepted ED to WASH U!!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me!” –E.W., Private Counseling student

“M and M, Notre Dame is awesome; I love it up here! My classes are fun and very challenging. I have been to all the home games and the tradition here is truly amazing! I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and ongoing strategies.  Can’t begin to thank you.” –Private Counseling student

“K, I am here at Berkeley and loving it! The weather is amazing, the classes are engaging, the place is really vibrant and filled with opportunities. I am taking the opportunity to really thank you for your professional guidance, without which I wouldn’t have been here!  I have never been so happy in my life! Please do let me know if any circumstances bring you here!” –Private Counseling student

“Dear M and M, I am so excited, I move in Monday!!! I can’t believe that I am headed off to my dream school in 24 hours! Thank you so much for all you have done to help me reach this point. Both of you are some of the nicest, most intelligent people I have ever met and I have learned so much in general along the way. Thank you and I hope to come and visit sometime in the future!” — Private Counseling student (Williams College)

“E, I imagine you have heard by now that I got in to Vanderbilt. I would just like to take this moment to thank you for all of the feedback, advice, and encouragement you have given me along the way. You have been so helpful, and I wish you all the best with your future students. Thank you so much!”– H.G., Private Counseling student (Vanderbilt)

“My son just started his junior year at Stanford. We enlisted M and M's help when he was finishing up his high school freshman year. I feel that it was the best decision for us. They know how to connect with children. They are the best at what they do. They were there every step of the way, mentoring my son. They have established a long term relationship/friendship with our entire family. My son still takes their advice on many important matters.  My son was accepted to almost every college that he applied to and we can honestly say Mimi and Michele’s service played a vital role. We could not have done it without them.” –J.L., Private Counseling parent (Stanford)

“Dear M and M–We are all thrilled that K got accepted to Wellesley. Thank you for your expertise, knowledge, and insistence to visit Wellesley when we were in Boston last year. Thank you for your advice not to drop French during junior year. Thank you for your outstanding professionalism, promptly answering emails, and for your support in moments of crisis. Most of all, thank you for CARING. K never felt she was another number in your program. With greatest appreciation! PS. This is not intended to be a good-bye. We plan to enroll our son with you in the near future.” – P.E., Private Counseling parent (Wellesley)

“Thank you M and M, as always, for encouraging, guiding, and facilitating with the college admissions process that extended deeply and practically into educational motivation, going above and beyond in all one does and lifelong learning.” – Private Counseling student

Application Boot Camp

“P. continues to thrive at Brown. She loves her classes, professors, and friends as well as her internship, teaching assistant and research opportunities. She feels very fortunate to be there and strives to take advantage of all that Brown has to offer. We are fortunate to have found you!” –E.V. Parent of Application Boot Camp student

“Mimi, we are ALL on Cloud 9!!! The fit at Penn was so perfect for K. that it was hard for me to believe that he wouldn’t get in…  but there’s always the random factor that there are so many excellent candidates that even an amazing young man like K. could be passed over (says Mom!).  I’m so glad that they recognized his value and potential. Many thanks again for all your help!” –O.E., Boot Camp parent

“I truly believe ABC made a dramatic difference in T’s application/outcomes (and will continue to do so as the season unfolds). We were all shocked to learn on Saturday that not only had Tulane accepted him, but were offering almost full tuition, unsolicited, in merit aid with a four year guarantee. Just wanted to say “thanks” and holy cow. You guys really enabled him to put his best foot forward. Thanks again for all you guys did to help him through a confusing, challenging process for teens!” –W.P. Parent of Application Boot Camp student

“Thank you so much for everything R., at first I didn’t think I had a chance with Notre Dame, but with everything you’ve helped me with I have full confidence I’ll get in to one of my schools. Promise me you’ll continue being the great leader you are; anyone who follows you is the one that follows the path to success.” –N.A., Boot Camp student

“Thank you so much for your advice and help over the past couple of months. I am grateful that I could finish everything in such a short amount of time. My application would not be so polished without your editing and notes! I really appreciate all of your counsel.” –P.N., Application Boot Camp student

“I write to thank everyone at ABC for all the help with my essays and the Common Application. I really benefited from these past 4 days in Boston and I would be happy to recommend ABC to anyone that asks.” –R.L. Application Boot Camp student

“At the start of this week I was petrified at the thought of college essays and differentiating myself from high school seniors across the nation. Thank you so much for streamlining this process and fine tuning my essays to perfection. I would not be able to keep on track without you! Thanks again!!” –R.Q., Application Boot Camp student

“I saw your Ad in the Penn Gazette and thought about you with great fondness. It’s been almost eight years since our daughter, K.G, worked with you. We came to your Boot Camp sessions in New York with hopes for direction and guidance and we certainly did get it.  K.G. graduated from U Penn and went on to do a Master’s in Economics at London School of Economics. She now has an amazing job and is pursuing another Master’s at Johns Hopkins University. Because of what we learned from you, we were able to  help, our younger son also got into U Penn and he is now working in Washington DC. “–B.C., parent of Boot Camp student

“To the entire staff of Application Boot Camp: A HUGE thank you for helping me navigate through the entire college process. The incredible support and encouragement from everyone there enabled me write insightful essays for the various colleges that I was applying to. I came back from Boot Camp every day feeling confident in myself and my ability to effectively communicate my ideas and thoughts into my essays and most of all, my entire application. I am so happy to say that I will be attending the University of Chicago this fall!!” –J.W. Application Boot Camp student

“I will be attending The Johns Hopkins University this fall!! . . . It was one of my top choices, and I cannot explain how ecstatic I am to join JHU!! Once again, thank you so much for your help. I do not think I could’ve done it without your guidance. I feel like I have found the perfect school for me.” –U.R. Application Boot Camp student

“The amazing support from your entire staff allowed me to write essays that I was extremely proud of. The advice along the way on how best to showcase my strengths and match that to an overall strategy of where and how to apply was invaluable!” –E.A., Boot Camp student

“Dear Mimi, Michele and your wonderful team, we are very happy to let you know that O. was accepted at Georgetown!!!! His “dream university.” Thank you very much for all your help. We really appreciate it very much! You can imagine how proud we feel!.” –P.Y., parent of Boot Camp student

“I got a lot done at Boot Camp and I came back very relieved, while all my friends were very stressed out trying to finish all their applications.” –F.N., Boot Camp student

“You helped with all aspects of the application process. I can home confident and with a clear plan of what I was going to do! Can’t thank you enough!” –Y.T., Boot Camp student

“My number one choice was UVA and I was accepted regular admission!” –R.E., Application Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp helped me become realistic on my options but still supplied me with confidence about my applications.” –E.W., Application Boot Camp student, accepted to Brown

“We wanted to reach out to you and send a heartfelt thanks for guiding us through the college admissions process this past year.  Your direction was incredibly helpful! R. was admitted to Tufts Early Decision!!!  He is grateful for every minute you and your team spent with him and acknowledges the significant competitive edge gained by your insight and experience.” –Y.W., Parent of Application Boot Camp student

“Mimi–Can’t thank you enough! We got a chance to personally thank Michele afterward, but I wanted to reach out to you as well! You have a special knack for building young people up! At first R. hesitated to sign up for Boot Camp because she felt she couldn’t “hang” with the Ivy League hopefuls, but she left with a renewed swagger!” –U.E., Parent of Application Boot Camp student

“Mimi, your advice and guidance throughout this entire process has been essential, for which my family and I are very grateful.” –D.C., Application Boot Camp student, accepted to UPenn and Columbia

“Thanks so much for your help with the whole application process! ABC was amazing (and actually a lot of fun as well!).”–W.S., Application Boot Camp student accepted to Oxford, Amherst, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Princeton, & Penn

“I believe the essay that you helped me craft was a major deciding factor in my admissions process and I am infinitely grateful. I believe Boot Camp also helped me to grow as a writer.” –S.W., Application Boot Camp student, accepted to Haverford

“Understanding what colleges really want to see in my essays was the most challenging thing but definitely the most beneficial part of Boot Camp!” –P.O., Application Boot Camp student, accepted to UChicago

“Michele and Mimi–I’m happy (and proud) to relay the good news! P. got accepted to University of Virginia! We are over the moon! Thank you and your team for your support and patience throughout the process.” –Parents of Application Boot Camp student

“Thank you Michele and Mimi for the support. We are very, very happy! Many thanks to you and your team for helping T. reach her goal!” –Parents of Application Boot Camp student

“Mimi and Michele, I just found out that I have an unconditional offer from Oxford!” –T.Y., Application Boot Camp student

“J.’s in at his first choice school!  Thanks so much for all the help and support.  The admissions person said that his essay was among the first she read and it became the “bar” for all the others.  He is beyond thrilled!” — Parent of Boot Camp student

“Michele–Y. was accepted to Wharton! Thanks to you and everyone at Top Tier!!!!! Many, many thanks. I really believe that you gave Y. very good guidance. And now we have two more kids to focus on!” –T.R., parent of Boot Camp student

“Thank you Top Tier Admissions for supporting me. My high school advisor also thanks you.” –H.G., Application Boot Camp Student

“Thank you! Without your help I wouldn’t have such a flawless supplement essay. I can’t wait to let you know how it all goes.”– H.K., Application Boot Camp Student

“It was truly an amazing experience that clarified most, if not all, of my doubts on college application.”– S. G., Application Boot Camp student

“Application Boot Camp stands in a category of its own.”– S. G., Application Boot Camp student

“The number of quality essays I finished in four days shocked me! And the Admissions Report framed how I should spend my summer and senior year. I would not have taken extra AP classes without your recommendation.”– S. M., Application Boot Camp student

“The low student to senior counselor ratio meant that I had never-ending support and now I can focus on my grades and extra-curriculars during senior year.”– A. D., ABC student

“That first morning, I thought that there was no way I would get all 25 of my essays done. Application Boot Camp proved me wrong!”– A. D., ABC student

“The senior counselors were so talented and Mimi and Michele were so accessible!”– Application Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp was efficient, fun, and eliminated stress. Without this experience I never would have thought to write my main essay on my academic interest.”– V. P., ABC student

“My admissions report prior to attending Boot Camp helped me plan exactly what to do senior year along with the phone call with Mimi & Michele to discuss colleges I should choose for applications.”– N. N., ABC student

“The mock interview was great to learn the do’s and don’ts of campus and alumni interviews.”– ABC student

“Application Boot Camp surpassed my expectations!”– ABC student

“The report I received right after I registered showed me where my grades and scores placed me amongst my peers for the colleges I wanted to target. I appreciated the specific examples on how to improve my chances to get in at my top choice.”– ABC student

“The workshops were really useful and gave me a break from the intensive writing.”– ABC student

“My daughter can’t stop talking about all of the things she learned and how helpful the camp was. Thank you very much!”–Parent of ABC student

“We are so pleased with the work our son completed at Boot Camp! He was encouraged every step of the way. I can’t believe ABC has gotten even better since you worked with our older children!”– Mother of ABC student

“My son came away with key elements of his application that were authentic and captured the essence of who he is.”  — T. A., ABC parent

“Boot Camp was rewarding because my essays are done and I have confidence in my college applications.”– ABC student

“Michele and Mimi really helped me develop my academic niche!”– ABC student

“The individual attention I received and the extent of resources was amazing. The Top Tier Admissions team really made an effort to know my story and help me develop great college essays.”–C.C., ABC student

“Boot Camp was an incredibly effective use of my time and dramatically cut my stress levels during the application process.”– ABC student

“I had no idea Boot Camp would cover college interviews and teacher recommendations. That was so useful!”– ABC student

“Being at Boot Camp is an unmatched experience.”– ABC student

“I accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed!”– ABC student

“Boot Camp takes weight off my shoulders. My major essays are done and I have a well-thought-out application strategy.”– J. A., ABC student

“It’s a great relief to have a specific game plan for college applications. There’s so much involved these days, I can’t imagine trying to figure it out on our own. For her to finish her common app and college specific essays with the help of such qualified and professional staff is a huge relief. She has friends that are jealous that she’s done!”– ABC Parent

“P. definitely felt challenged at Boot Camp, but consistently remarked at day’s end that he knew you all were driving him to another level.  He felt that he came away with excellent essays that are authentically his. All that is my way of saying a heartfelt thank you! ” –I.W., parent of Application Boot Camp student

“Just wanted tell you that I received my acceptance letter to Dartmouth today!! Thank you so much for all of your help this summer—I greatly appreciate it and it obviously paid off!” –R.C., Boot Camp Student

“You were instrumental in the process! Thanks for the great work. We could not have done it without your team’s involvement.” –F.G., Boot Camp Parent

“Such exciting news – I found out I was accepted ED to Columbia yesterday!!! I just wanted to let you know and I also wanted to thank you for your help at Application Boot Camp. I believe that your guidance and support there really helped make my application complete, and helped me steer my essays and overall application in the right direction!” –W.D., Boot Camp Student

“Just got in! I am extremely excited and grateful for all of the help that you’ve given me. Thank you so much!!” –S.N., Boot Camp Student

“I would like to thank ABC for kick starting my college app season! It felt fantastic to leave 4 intense days in August with several essays, edited with wonderful feedback. Although I wrote and revised a few more essays at home, Boot Camp got me in the right mindset to do work that many of my peers are still feverishly completing. Now that I have been admitted to MIT, this holiday season will be the most relaxed in years! Thanks again!!”– E.B., Boot Camp Student

“Boot Camp is just a CRUCIAL program for gaining an understanding of the college admissions process! Thank you!” -Boot Camp student

“Michele, D. loved the Boot Camp. The entire process was excellent start to finish. Great value!”  -Parent of Boot Camp student

“My application process has certainly been a lot less stressful because of Application Boot Camp!” -U.W., Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp has been so helpful. It’s allowed me to finish my applications before classes start and has saved me frustration AND heartbreak!” -Boot Camp student

“Learning how admissions officers perceive and view my essays and applications has been so valuable.” -Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp was very stimulating. It was very personalized and I grew as a human being!” -Boot Camp student

“It is SO nice to be able to get basically everything done in a couple of days! It makes the process a lot less stressful and made me feel really confident about my applications.” -Boot Camp student

“My personalized student report [before Boot Camp] was very useful in motivating me to have an active summer (programs, classes, etc.) and to understand testing needs and ways to create an academic niche. It felt a bit harsh at times, but it was realistic. Boot Camp offered a great editing process.” -Boot Camp student

“It feels so good to have so many essays done before senior year. It helps to get so many different perspectives on my essays.” -Boot Camp student

“My student report was helpful as I came up with a solid idea and a focus for my essays. It helped me determine other colleges I am applying to.  I was really able to write so much faster than I would have at home.” -Boot Camp student

“I wrote the best possible essays I could write at ABC. The staff helped me cut down my essays to make them fit the word limits while still keeping them interesting. The most beneficial element was constant feedback on my essays.” -Boot Camp student

“ABC aids and quickens the application process.  Mimi and Michele’s advice on my application strategy was great –they kept my goals realistic.” -Boot Camp student

“Thank you for the study skills.  I finished my essays with time to spare.” -Boot Camp student

“What a great start to my application process. I finished 5 essays and got a handle on the Common App and what colleges are looking for.  Mimi and Michele’s college interview speech is funny! They are great!” -Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp is a premium program –but it’s worth it. I feel so much more confident going into my senior year! The follow up call with Mimi and Michele was very helpful and I made significant progress using suggestions from the call. The resources on the ABC Student Membership Site were helpful , especially the resource guide.” -Boot Camp student

“Michele is the BEST editor! Thanks for a great week! It is so great to have editing help and get most of my essay done.” -Boot Camp student

“The ABC senior counselors are helpful critics. They helped me ensure my essays were fine tuned AND creative. While it’s an intensive time, it’s nice to get the bulk of this work finished before fall.” -Boot Camp student

“I finally know how to write a college essay. The one on one time with my senior counselor mentor made a big difference.” -Boot Camp student

“My senior counselor mentor had magical editing skills! He taught me how to be a more descriptive and creative writer. This was a fantastic essay writing camp!” -Boot Camp student

“The environment in the Boot Camp meeting room was great and really encouraging.  An intimidating process became much more user friendly and the senior mentors helped me overcome my writer’s block.” -Boot Camp student

“It’s helpful to finish my essays before fall starts so I can actually focus on tests and grades senior year. Thank you for the experience!” -Boot Camp student

“It’s so awesome to feel confident in your applications!” -Boot Camp student

“I can’t believe the quality of instruction and work I produced at Boot Camp. My brother will be there in 2 years due to my positive experiences.” -Boot Camp student

“I feel SO prepared.  There is no way I could have received this guidance anywhere else.  ABC enabled me to be strategic about my plan going forward. Thank you!” -Boot Camp student

“I am reassured in my application decisions and my in-range schools.  I won’t be freaking out for the next few months. Thanks Mimi and Michele!” -Boot Camp student

“ABC made writing college essays far less terrible than it otherwise would have been. The senior counselors really kept me on topic.” -Boot Camp student

“A very productive and informative 4 days!” -Boot Camp student

“The quick feedback on essays and writing style was key!” -Boot Camp student

“ABC made the application process clear and taught me to optimize every chance I have in presenting myself in the best light to colleges.” -Boot Camp student

“I cannot imagine anyone being able to successfully complete a good, well-rounded application without help. ABC does that:  help. There is literally no time for procrastination at Boot Camp. Instead of stressing myself out waiting until the last minute to do my essays and the Common App, I literally HAD to just write. I loved that.” -Boot Camp student

“The ABC report and follow up call with Mimi and Michele gave me a more concrete idea of what I should be writing about. Thank you! It was so much stress off me before senior year starts.” -Boot Camp student

“ABC not only helped me get my stuff done early, but made sure I left with edited essays. While my friends will get their applications done late and have them edited by parents and high school English teachers, I left with essays proofread by PhDs, admissions officers and professional college counselors . . . which is awesome!” -Boot Camp student

“Boot Camp gave my essays life! Thank you for your advice!” -Boot Camp student

“I could not have created essays of this caliber without you!” -Boot Camp student

“Most of this advice is not easily available to students. My essays are DONE!” -Boot Camp student

“I’m done with all of my college applications.  It’s August!  How many people can say they finished THAT early?! Mimi, you are the GREATEST motivator!” -Boot Camp student

“ABC helped me streamline my list of schools and my essays. Excellent program.” -Boot Camp student

“I finished my college applications in 4 days. Everyone was awesome!” -Boot Camp student

“I know this will increase my chances of getting in by putting me on the right track. The Guide to the Common App on the ABC Student Membership Site was so helpful! I would have been lost!” -Boot Camp student

“Hi Mimi: Thank you and your staff for all the critical input. The whole college process is extremely daunting and it is invaluable having experts to guide you through it.” –G.H., Boot Camp parent

“Michele, Mimi & Kristen: L. and I are thrilled! Duke is absolutely fantastic and is the exact right fit for her. The students at Duke are overwhelmingly happy and [after our recent visit] now we know why. Application Boot Camp definitely helped L. get into Duke during their most selective year in history, a year in which they turned away well over 2,000 valedictorians. Thank you!” –Y.R., parent of ABC student accepted to 9 top-tier colleges

“Good news, I was just admitted to Yale too! That makes it 3 for 3 —Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. I don’t even know what to say anymore! This is honestly crazy in the most awesome way possible!” –I.R., Application Boot Camp student

“I was accepted into Brown early decision! I cannot thank you all enough for your guidance and support in my application process! Without question, you are the best in the business! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything!”   –W.O., Boot Camp student

“Dear Mimi, Michele, Kristen, Hannah, and the rest of the ABC team– Thank you so much for an incredible four days at Boot Camp. Thank you for sitting and brainstorming with me, for helping me come up with a realistic application plan, for reading my essays over and over again until I thought they were perfect, and, most of all, for helping me come out with five essays that I am proud of and I know will help me in the application process. Your help was amazing, and I don’t know what I would have done without it.” –E.C., Boot Camp student

“You ran an amazing inspiring productive and invaluable program. Thanks!” -C.W., Boot Camp parent

“I want to thank each one of you for making C.’s time at Application Boot Camp so successful and productive. I appreciate all the time you spent with C. on his essays and answering his many questions!!! We are going to visit Wake Forest the end of August and C. will hopefully start sending some applications off soon thereafter. We will let you know the results.” –N.T., Boot Camp parent

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in Application Boot Camp. If it wasn’t for your positive energy throughout the process, I don’t know how much I would’ve been able to complete! Good luck with your other camps and once again, thanks.” –T.R., Boot Camp student

Personal Boot Camp

“I burst out laughing reading R’s Common App essay.  The first sentence of the second paragraph is hilarious. Oh my goodness it is so funny- AND TERRIFIC!!! I enjoyed the progression, and it certainly kept my interest.  You helped to bring out the best in R. What a gift.  Wow!!! ‘Thank you’ cannot convey how well you facilitated R’s ability to convey herself and her interests in these essays.” –T.W., parent of Personal Boot Camp student

“Thank you so much for the work you did with T.  We are thrilled and know the guidance you gave him made the difference! SO glad this is over.  Now he has to decide….!” –Y.U., Personal Boot Camp student

“B. and M.–I just found out about Northwestern….and I got in! It’s so overwhelming, but amidst it all I just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am for all the help you have given my family and I. I honestly would not have been able to do any of this without you guys. We are so appreciative of your hard work and guidance. We cannot thank you enough. Hope you have a wonderful weekday and holiday season!” -Personal Boot Camp Student, worked with Lead Senior Counselor B.

“What a great experience it was for our daughter and ourselves to have B. here for the 3-day Personal Boot Camp! The intensive session was exactly what we all needed to feel comfortable and indeed confident with the plan for W.’s college process. B. did a remarkable job guiding our daughter through the steps for a very productive weekend resulting in some impressive essays and a tremendous amount of prep work done for the applications and supplements. Your program and B. were extremely beneficial!” –Parent of Personal Boot Camp student

“B. and M. have been the best senior counselors and supporters for our son T. with his last minute applications. I just wanted to pass this on to your staff. I know you know how excellent they are, but they really are that and then some! T.’s essays are still a work in progress with several more edits —they are our lifesavers in this 11th hour. Thank you SO much for your team!” – R.O., Parent of a winter 2013 Personal Boot Camp student and Essay Guidance Package student

“I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that Y. was accepted ED to Dartmouth yesterday!  We appreciate all of your help. Happy holidays!” -Parents of Personal Boot Camp student

“It was such a great experience. R. is amazing, and your service with Personal Boot Camp is worth every penny. I am so glad we worked with your consulting group.” -Personal Boot Camp Parent

“We can’t begin to thank you enough for G’s Personal Boot Camp this weekend with M. He is not just excellent, he is exceptional! What a talent he has in his writing ability and his ability to bring out an advanced writing skill in our son G. He is so pleased with his essays. They both were extremely diligent. M. has a gift to be able to communicate so well with G. as well as with us. If we could, we would love to adopt him!”  -Parent of Personal Boot Camp student

Essay Guidance Package

“T. has decided on Vanderbilt. We are so thankful for M. – I think his support was key in T. getting her scholarship!” –Y.R., Parent of Essay Guidance Program student

“I was accepted to Dartmouth today! . . . Thank you for your help –this has been a wild ride!” –U.O., Essay Guidance Program student

“Thank you so much for all of your help! I am very happy with what I was able to produce!” –U.R., Essay Guidance Program student

“I sincerely want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given E. during the application process. I really appreciate your input and help!” –P.T., Parent of Essay Guidance Program student

“Thank you again for forcing me to let go of my initially-prized hospital volunteering main essay to write the more unique biology-oriented essay…I was originally really stuck on that one but writing the new ones were so worth it.” –N.C., Essay Guidance Program student

“The pace in the Essay Guidance Package was great because I felt like I was the one who set it.  B gave detailed feedback. I wouldn’t have ended up with as great of essays without TTA!” – S.V., Essay Guidance student, Dartmouth

“Thank you so much for helping our daughter with her college application. We are excited that she is going to the school she loves, Columbia, and feel that you have played a critical role in the whole process. Our younger daughter is going to start the same process next summer, and she will be working with your team.” –T.V., Parents of Essay Guidance Program student

“I finished all of my essays except 1. 5 hours was a really good amount. B. responded within 24 hours and gave great advice! TTA helped me improve my essays so much AND kept me motivated!” – N.B, Essay Guidance Program student

“I just wanted to thank you so much (again) for your help on my essays. I was accepted into Princeton and Yale University! Thanks again!” – Y.R., Essay Guidance Program student

“B. and M. have been the best senior counselors and supporters for our son T. with his last minute applications. I just wanted to pass this on to your staff. I know you know how excellent they are, but they really are that and then some! T.’s essays are still a work in progress with several more edits —they are our lifesavers in this 11th hour. Thank you SO much for your team!” – R.O., parent of Essay Guidance Program student

“T. was just accepted to Swarthmore (ED) I greatly appreciate everything you did for her essays! Your meticulous and quick responses and your careful edits made her essays much better and I believe that these essays showed Swarthmore that the college is a perfect fit for T. Again, Thank you so much!” -Parent of Essay Guidance Program student

“J., thank you so much for all your help! You REALLY put me in the right direction with my essays! I will keep you posted on my college acceptance!” – J.R., Essay Guidance Program student

“L., I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out with my transfer application! I was accepted to Cornell College of Arts and Sciences starting next semester!!” – N.E.

“L., I just want to say thank you so much for working with me! You provided me with so much constructive advice that I’ll definitely use in my future essays. Thanks again for all your help and I’ll definitely let you know where I end up going.” – I.R.

“I had a wonderful experience working with B. and Application Boot Camp! It definitely relieved my stress through the college application process, and I would recommend the package to any future applicants. B. was always extremely helpful and offered insightful comments on my essays and essay topics. B. was very personable and addressed any and all of my concerns. I honestly had no idea what to expect because I had never worked with an admissions counselor before, but I was extremely impressed after seeing the first round of edits to my essay. I am very pleased with how my essays turned out. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to discuss possible essay topics and to brainstorm creative essay ideas; also, it was nice to have an expert opinion from someone who is familiar with what admissions officers are looking for in an essay.”-F.R.

“The information offered at the beginning of this package was helpful for me to get organized. L. challenged me to think about what I should be conveying in my essays, and it made my essays have lot more depth. L. was excellent –informative, patient, and prompt. She never delayed her comments and always responded promptly, always within a day. I really had no idea where to go with my essays, and L. made it easy to not only know what to write about, but also HOW to write my essays. Thank you!!!” -W.D.

“I just got my ED2 acceptance! I am beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for all your help this year. My essays truly shined under your guidance and I know they made a huge difference in making me stand out among the other applicants. I already told my parents that they should use this service for my brother’s college applications. Thank you so very much.” – J.U.

Common App 911 Program

“I know this will increase my chances of getting in by putting me on the right track. The Top Tier Admissions Guide to the Common App was so helpful! I would have been lost!” – R.Y., Common App 911 Program student

“I believe working with M. is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is awesome. Thank you so much.” – C.P., Common App 911 Program student

Writing Guidance Program

“I just got my paper back, which I mapped using the skills we worked on last year, and I got an A-! I wanted to thank you for all the help, since I do not think I this would have been possible without our practice in the past.” –H.F., Writing Guidance Program student

“Both R. and I were very pleased with how the program went and we feel like L made material improvements in his writing skills. L also enjoyed working with you and we felt like the two of you had a good working rapport. He has been incorporating some of the concepts the two of you discussed this summer in his early writings this fall.” – J. & S.R., Writing Guidance Program parents

“H’s grades just came back, and I wanted to share the great news: A for English! Thank you so much for your amazing help.” – P.W., Personalized Writing Guidance Program parent

Transfer Analysis and Guidance

“It was fantastic working with TTA.  I honestly had no idea what to expect because I had never worked with an admissions counselor before, but I was extremely impressed after seeing the first round of edits to my essay. I am very pleased with how my essays turned out. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to discuss possible essay topics and to brainstorm creative essay ideas; also, it was nice to have an expert opinion from someone who is familiar with what admissions officers are looking for in an essay. My only regret is not purchasing the package earlier . . . ” –D.H., Transfer Analysis Program

Transfer Essay Program

“L helped me highlight my strong points and appeal to admissions officers as a transfer student.  She gave me insight on what transfer admissions officers want specifically from a student and how to make sure I included that in my essays.  Within the 5 hours I finished my Common Application essay and all 3 supplemental essays.  Every single question I had was addressed in full detail.” – Transfer Essay Guidance Client

“L., I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out with my transfer application! I was accepted to Cornell College of Arts and Sciences starting next semester!!” – N.E., Transfer Essay Guidance Program student

Deferral and Waitlist Analysis Package

“The Top Tier Admissions Wait List Deferral product is a must have if your child has been deferred/waitlisted early. Mimi and Michele will quickly review the application and pin-point ways to improve it for the regular decision round.  Rather than living with the uncertainty, they enable you to take action.” -Deferral Analysis Package parent

“Thank you Michele and Mimi for your care, your quick feedback and constant advice. I just cannot believe this is happening. I never thought I’d get off of the wait list at Wellesley and you made it possible. My dream is coming true.” -Deferral Analysis Package student

Grad School Essay Guidance Package

“Kristen–You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. It has been a pleasure working with you!”  –T.R., Graduate School Essay Guidance Program client

“Kristen, I got accepted to Vanderbilt, USC, and Penn! I also got interviews to Miami and GW, but I’ve already accepted the spot at Penn so I declined the interviews. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for everything!! This has been incredibly valuable and I’m very grateful for all of your help.” –W.R., Grad School Essay Guidance Client

“Kristen–thank you for the support! I’m so excited to get into this field. My Master’s program is a 12-month format so it’s very busy, but I’m enjoying it and I LOVE that I will be able to graduate so quickly. Thank you for your help!” –Y.L., Grad School Essay Guidance Client

“Dr. Willmott–Thank you so much for everything!! This has been incredibly valuable and I’m very grateful for all of your help. I feel confident with my applications now, but if further on I feel like I need more help, your program will certainly be the first resource I reach out to.” –W.R., Grad School Essay Guidance Program Client

“Kristen–I just wanted to thank you for working with me! I have always loved getting direct feedback and yours was very helpful! If I don’t get into medical school this year it’s diffidently not going to be because of my personal statement.” –R.W. Graduate School Essay Client

“Kristen– I’ve been accepted to all of the programs to which I applied (other than 2 where I was waitlisted)! . . . I won’t be working on medical school applications until next Spring but I will reach out then as I’m sure I will want to work together to edit essays for those applications. Thank you for your help!!!”–T.E., Graduate School Essay Guidance Program client, accepted to 15 Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Programs and Master’s programs in Biomedical Sciences

“Kristen– I’m going to Northwestern! Acceptances were gaining momentum in December and when I got into Northwestern (first choice) I withdrew all my other apps. Very, very excited! Thank you for all of your help!” –T.W., Graduate School Essay Guidance Program client accepted to medical school at Northwestern

“I’m starting to hear back from schools and have been accepted to Penn, Case Western and Boston U so far. I will let you know where I end up deciding to go! Down the road when I apply to medical school I’m sure I will need more essay editing and will get in touch!” –P.A., Grad School Essay Guidance Program client

“Kristen–Happy holidays! I was accepted to Penn Law. Thank you so much for all of your help!” –T.R. ,Graduate School Essay Guidance Client

“Kristen–my applications went great. I received invitations to interview from both Stanford and Harvard and was admitted to Harvard so I’m back to Boston. Thank you for all of your help throughout the process!”—U.W. ,Graduate School Essay Guidance Client, accepted to Harvard Business School’s 2+2 MBA program

“Kristen, I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the George Washington University EdD program! What a relief! Thank you again for all your support!  My MAT score went up 15 points after taking your advice to take 10 practice tests, ugh…. BUT it payed off!” –W.R., Graduate School Essay Guidance Client

“Kristen –Thank you for all your support! The editing process was exactly what I needed and I appreciate all the feedback.” -F.P., Graduate School Essay Guidance Client

“I just sent in my acceptance letter! Thank you very much for all of your help. I know you went above and beyond what you were contracted to do. Thank you so much again!” –U.P. Grad School Essay Package Client, Accepted to MA programs at Hunter College & UMass Boston

“Thank you for your edits and suggestions! I have visited Chicago twice now, and will go back for the admitted student’s weekend! The business school has great facilities, great faculty, great partnerships around the world and access to all that U Chicago has to offer so I am very happy to have a place!”   –W.P. Grad School Essay Package Client, Accepted to MBA program at UChicago, Johns Hopkins Masters in International Policy & Columbia University Masters in International Affairs

“Dear highly skilled admissions professionals, next time Newsweek calls I will gladly give a glowing testimonial. Obviously your program works; I was accepted to all the schools I applied to. I’m going to Georgetown in the fall to begin my graduate work – a dream come true. In all seriousness, thank you guys for everything! I couldn’t have done it without you. I am forever grateful.” — L. Z., Georgetown student

“I was accepted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! Can you believe it? I am really excited to go and I would like to thank you SO much for all of your help. I’m sure my killer essays were a key component of my being accepted and I could not have written them without your help.” — G. B., UNC-Chapel Hill student


“My GRE score increased by over 80 points, and I was accepted by the business school of my choice. I would recommend Steve to any student who has a desire to improve and succeed.” – E.B., GRE student

“I have to thank you profusely. My score went up over 100 points! My overall confidence was due to my work with Steve. I’ve definitely exceeded the benchmark. Thank you very much!” -K.K., GMAT student

“Just wanted to let you know that I had a 50 point improvement from my highest official GMAT score – seems like the hard work paid off. I was admitted to Columbia, Wharton, and Harvard Business School! I definitely think that the increase in my score made all of the difference. Thanks again!” -S.B., GMAT student

“Steve helped me to develop a comfort level with the LSAT…the program emphasized the importance of being a smart test-taker. Because of my LSAT score, I qualified for several awards and scholarships.” – J.T. LSAT student

“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, patience, and encouragement. Most of all for your belief in me. I know I am going to make it!” -M.C., LSAT student

“Steve is a lifesaver! I have tried other tutors and books, but they failed to provide the realistic experience and training that Steve offers. If you are serious about getting into law school, call Steve today!” – L.S., LSAT student

SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Test Tutoring Packages

“I finally received my ACT Writing score from the April 19 test, and my score went up 10 points! I scored a 33, a significant improvement from my 23 just six months ago. I wanted to thank you again for all the advice you gave me and the productive and interesting conversations we had.” -E.S., ACT tutoring

“Michele-I want to pass on the good news that U. and P. were accepted Early Decision to Dartmouth Class of 2020!  Thank you for the exchange we had in September, as well as for your book, both of which helped us enormously. Both kids worked with Steve Dulan and improved their SAT scores, not as much in October, but on the November test. Steve gave test-taking skills and instilled self confidence. I am certain that the improved scores were an important factor in admissions.  This was just what we needed, and I appreciate your offer of many levels of help, even at such a late date. Many thanks– we are all so happy!” –L.Y., parent of siblings, SAT tutoring program

“Steve is great — he’s really put me inside the minds of the test makers.” —S.W., ACT tutoring client

“Working with Amy was a great decision. I managed to raise my SAT score from the low 1800s up to the 2150-2250 range after only a few sessions. At the moment, Amy is having me focus on the writing section and I know I’ll continue pushing up.” -V. H., Student

“Today I checked to see if my new ACT score had been posted on the ACT site. It came in–I got a 34, which bumped me up from my 32! I got a 36 on the science section thanks to the advice and strategies you gave me. I want to thank you again for all your help.” -M.I., ACT tutoring client

Newsletter & Blog

“I have never purchased any of your products but I have picked and chosen tidbits of (free) information to aid my kids in their application processes.  My youngest has been admitted (Early Action) to his first-choice university, Notre Dame, where he will follow in the footsteps of his older sister and brother.  With this last application my family can now forever close the door on the college-application game!  Hallelujah!  I will be ending my subscription for further e-mails from your company but do want to thank you for the insight and advice that you have given over the years. Best wishes to your continuing endeavors!” I.P., parent of Notre Dame student

“Dr. Hernandez, Just wanted to email you to thank you for your blog. I paid for one of your teleseminars and followed your blog closely for the past few years and your insights and information helped me position my daughter for acceptance ED to the University of Pennsylvania. So keep up the good work!” –R.W. parent of UPenn student