Schools Without Supplemental Essays: 2019 Edition

The relationship between college admissions and students is not a reciprocal one. So much GIVE, GIVE, GIVE by the student followed by a lot of TAKE, TAKE, TAKE from the schools. The Common App itself is tedious and filled with various pitfalls for even the most discerning student and the main essay can be a doozy. Add on supplemental essays that many schools require and you’re looking at potentially 3-5 (if not more) additional essays per school. Phew… we’re tired just thinking of all that writing!

Pssst –One of the benefits of working with our Senior Counselors in our Essay Guidance Program are the tips and tricks learned for ‘morphing’ essays for various prompts, word counts, etc. to help reduce the amount of ‘new’ writing you actually have to do!


BUT…not all schools actually require supplemental essays. There are quite a few very good schools that are content with the main essay only. So, whether you’re short on time or even energy at this point, there are options out there that don’t require additional writing.




We’re here to help you share your voice, your vision and your true scholarly selves to the college admissions world.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your approach to essay guidance; you always consulted me about potential changes and allowed me to decide whether to make edits as per your suggestions. As someone who’s generally very independent, I found it easy and rewarding to work with you because you allowed me to write the entire essay and maintain my voice/style while still using your suggestions on what a college essay should look like.
–Student, Essay Guidance Program

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