Ivy League Admissions Statistics

Ivy League Admissions

These Ivy League admissions statistics are part of Top Tier Admissions’ commitment to empowering students like you. Top Tier’s team meticulously researches and provides the latest, up-to-the-minute Ivy League standings, Early Decision rates, application acceptance rates, and more. We provide applicants from around the world with the knowledge, tools and skills to create ivy league applications that stand above the rest. Year after year, our students are consistently accepted at their top choice schools.

Our experts have collected and analyzed years of Ivy League university and college admissions statistics and acceptance rates for your schools of choice. The distillation of this ivy league admissions data is provided here to aid in your college application process to the Ivies. We’ve meticulously compiled years of acceptance rate data for HarvardYaleColumbia UniversityPrincetonDartmouth CollegeUniversity of PennsylvaniaBrown, and Cornell.

Along with our historical Ivy League admissions data, we also keep our Ivy undergraduate admissions statistics up-to-date with the latest Early Decision, Early Action and Regular Decision information.

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Ivy League Admissions Statistics by College & University