With a company name like Top Tier Admissions, we often work with students who are targeting the Ivy League. Given Dr. Michele Hernandez’ and Maria Laskaris’ experience working in admissions at Dartmouth, Mimi Doe’s Master’s in Education from Harvard, Eliza Fox’s award-winning work as a college educator, and Dr. Kristen Willmott’s experience working in admissions at Harvard, we offer an insider’s perspective to Ivy League admissions processes.  We have over 20 years of experience getting our students into the Ivies and other top colleges and universities.
We are delighted each year with the acceptance news we receive from students who applied in the early and/or regular round to some of the top institutions in the country. At the same time, we continually work to prepare for the next round of applicants and client families who are targeting these incredibly competitive institutions.

While Ivy League admissions rates continue to be extraordinarily low, it is by no means impossible to obtain a spot at one of these schools. For the exceptional student who works hard and prepares for college applications well in advance, a top tier college education at a school like Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, etc. is still within reach.

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