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NYU Class of 2023 16% Admission Rate — New Low

NYU received 84,481 applications for the class of 2023 and offered 16% percent admission, down from 35% as recently as 2013. The NYU Class of 2023 is the most selective admitted class to date with the highest median SAT score: 1480.

Of these applications, over 23,000 come from outside the United States, including a significant number of applicants from China, India, and South Korea. This record-breaking number of applicants is a 12% increase from last year and marks the 12th consecutive year of record-setting application numbers. Judging from this metric, NYU is clearly rising ahead of its direct competitors such as Boston University and George Washington University, which saw only a 2% rise in applications and will have 300 less students entering in the fall compared to last year. Of NYU’s admitted students, 6,500 are expected to enroll in the fall at one of NYU’s three campuses (New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai).

Rising Interest in EDI and EDII

NYU’s mounting popularity is also reflected in the Early Decision application numbers. More students than ever before (over 14,000) applied Early Decision in the 2018-19 admissions cycle. Early Decision applicants may apply in one of two rounds: Early Decision I (applications due on November 1, decisions by December 15) or Early Decision II (applications due on January 1, decisions in February). These binding application options are increasingly popular, with EDI up 41% and EDII up 17%. With over half the class admitted early, applicants are at a clear advantage by committing to NYU as their first choice—surely this is also a way for NYU to improve their statistics with regards to yield.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton said, “There are important lessons to be inferred from the remarkable growth in applications to NYU over the last dozen years: young people are eager for a rigorous liberal arts education that builds on the vibrancy and diversity of urban settings and that gives them access to internships and global learning and research opportunities.  They want to be prepared for the challenges and careers of the 21st century, and they rightly believe that across a wide span of human endeavor, NYU can prepare them for it.  I look forward to next fall when I will welcome the outstanding freshman class that will emerge from this group of applicants.”

Commitment to Diversity

NYU prides itself on its internationalism and maintains the highest number of international students in America as well as a commitment to diversity. The class of 2023 comes from 88 countries and all 50 states. The newly admitted New York campus class is also the university’s most diverse. Twelve percent of those admitted are African-American and 22 percent are Latinx. First-generation students make up 18 percent of the incoming class. 

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