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Dartmouth College Admissions

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Dartmouth College has offered admission to 526 students from a pool of 2,069 early decision applicants. They also offered places to 21 applicants through Quest Bridge resulting in an acceptance rate of 26 percent. The 547 acceptances will make up about 46% of the class of 2024. Legacy students make up 15 percent and recruited athletes make up 25 percent. 15 percent are first-generation students and 12 percent are international students. 95 percent rank among the top 10 percent of their senior class. The mean SAT score is 1481 and ACT composite is 33.



Dartmouth College offered admission to the Class of 2023 to 1.876 students for an overall acceptance rate of 7.93 percent, down from last year’s 8.74 percent acceptance rate when Dartmouth College extended offers of admission to 1,925 applicants for its Class of 2022. The total number of accepted students includes the 574 admitted through the early decision process in December. The overall number of applicants surged by 7.34 percent to 23,650 students from last year‘s 22,003 applicants. A record 16 percent of the admitted class of 1,876 are first generation college students, and about 40 percent come from low or middle-income families. 51 percent of admitted U.S. citizens are people of color and 12 percent of all admitted students are citizens of a foreign country9 percent of accepted U.S. citizens are legacies, and 49 different faith traditions are represented among the accepted students.