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Dartmouth College Admissions

Dartmouth Early Admissions

Dartmouth College received 2,664 Early Decision applications for the Class of 2025. This number represents an increase of almost 29 percent over last year’s early decision pool of 2,069 applicants. Dartmouth accepted 566 ED applications – 19 more than last year’s 547 students. The 566 students will compose approximately 49 percent of the Class of 2025 estimated at 1,150 students. This year’s 21.25 percent acceptance rate is a decrease from last year’s 26.44 percent.

Dartmouth College Regular Decision

Dartmouth College offered admission to 1,749 students for the Class of 2025 for an overall acceptance rate of 6.17 percent, down from last year’s 8.79 percent. Last year Dartmouth College extended offers of admission to 1,881 applicants for its Class of 2024. The Class of 2025 saw an increase in applications of 33 percent over last year’s record applicant pool with applications jumping up from 21,394 to 28,357. This follows the implementation of a test-optional admissions policy due to pandemic-related testing difficulties. The total number of accepted students to the Class of 2025 includes the 591 admitted through the early decision process in December. Last year, Dartmouth College offered early admission to 574 students in December. 

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