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Application Boot Camp

A post by Mimi Doe

Application Boot Camp truly lives up to its moniker. Ask any past ABC student and you’ll hear words like ‘intense’ and ‘hard’ but you’ll also hear ‘amazing,’ ‘Wow, so worth it!’ and ‘PHEW, I’m actually DONE. How did I do so much quality work in 4 days?’

Top Tier Admissions is buzzing with college application anticipation as we prepare for our 14th annual Application Boot Camp® in Boston.

As the creators of Application Boot Camp®, our program is often imitated though never replicated thanks to our amazing team and the philosophy behind what we do and why we do it.


Michele and I launched our first Boot Camp many years ago and yet I still remember our first crop of seniors. Helping kids through this stressful application process and witnessing the remarkable results is why we keep doing what we do.

I’m blessed to live in the Boston area as I routinely get together with past students who are now successful undergrads, graduate students, starting their own businesses or launching successful careers. I hear over and over that the tools and techniques they learned with us on how to leverage their focused niche and take targeted action has helped them once they are IN college to get the fellowships, awards, coveted classes, gain acceptance to their choice graduate schools, and position them for their first jobs and ultimately their careers.

We even have past Boot Camp students who come back year after year, taking 4 days off from their busy lives, to be part of the magic that always happens as we gather with rising seniors and help them dig in, double down, and present their amazing selves through their applications. These mentors, application gurus, and brilliant folks also travel around the world to work one on one with students in their homes for Personal Boot Camps.

College Admissions experts - Application Boot Camp

Boot Camp fills up each year with siblings and friends of past participants because they too want to plug in to the program that works in 4 intense days. They see the results and we get the opportunity to reunite with families we now know so well.


Michele and I crafted this program 14 years ago yet very little has changed, because it just, plain works. There have been lots of copycats yet they never last long as shortcuts rarely get results. We’ve been called “college application disrupters.” We’ll take it, as making a process that’s not transparent more so is what we aim to do. It makes us crazy that colleges are misleading thousands of vulnerable kids. Things are not as they appear and we pull back the curtain to demystify the process, empowering students to see the true picture and then how they can take specific action to present their authentic selves and stand out.

A reporter from a major city paper recently told us that he thought Application Boot Camp was a general term, a ubiquitous phrase. He said he did some digging and realized we hold the trademark for College Application Boot Camp and Application Boot Camp and then indeed discovered we ARE the first and only authentic Boot Camp that has been around for so long. It was fun to hear from him some of the things that have been said about our work. We are proud to be the #1 college consultants, educators with the best results year after year, and to have created a new approach that disrupted things with our first Boot Camp.

Creating a way to make college admissions less stressful and crafting a program that takes the pain out of an emotional process is our jam. And, we aren’t done yet…just see for yourself.


If you are a rising junior, sign up now for Application Boot Camp 2018 as it’s typically filled up by the time most kids think about their applications.