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MBA Admissions: LATE Deadline Extensions

By: Dr. Kristen Willmott

If you’ve been even slightly entertaining the idea of applying for an MBA program, May 2020 is THE month to do it. This is an unprecedented time. The name on your MBA diploma MATTERS. An MBA follows you on your resume for life, as do your faculty and peer contacts, the internships you land while there, and the networking opportunities you are exposed to for decades post-degree.


Some of the top MBA programs in the world are telling us they’re still eager for applicants this spring. They’re not screaming it from the rooftops, but they’re ever so quietly updating their admissions websites, and we are taking NOTICE. MBA programs are:

  • relaxing their standardized testing requirements more than has ever been done since their programs started;
  • stating that they’ll take into account the disruptions that COVID-19 has caused for all when they review your transcript (as MIT noted);
  • waiving MBA application fees (some); and
  • allowing later rounds of MBA admissions than have never existed (hello UGA’s round 5, we’re talking to you!).


  1. Dartmouth Tuck: Round 4 due June 1
  2. Duke Fuqua: Round 4 due June 1
  3. MIT Sloan: Round 4 due June 15
  4. UMichigan Ross: Round 3 due May 29
  5. Northwestern Kellogg: Round 4 due June 1
  6. Vanderbilt Owen: Round 4 due June 1
  7. UCLA Anderson: Round 3 due June 1
  8. UChicago Booth: Round 4 due May 31
  9. UGeorgia Terry: Round 5 due Aug. 1
  10. UVA Darden: Round 4 due July 15

MBA programs with late admissions deadlines


So…. you’ve got time to apply still for a fall 2020 start. Use it wisely!

Duke Fuqua’s MBA app essay # 1 wants to know 25 random things about you. Maybe 1 of those 25 is how you used 3 months of solo isolation in an 800-square foot studio apartment to re-gear not just your resume but your graduate school aims, your career track, your leadership ladder, your overall life plans.

Time to dust off that GRE or GMAT score, or book a remote GMAT or GRE in the coming weeks (you can now take it on your laptop in your bedroom wearing your PJs –that sounds like a testing advantage to us if we’ve ever heard one!), update that resume that screams of your entrepreneurial spirit, and craft some stellar MBA applications. Let us help!

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