Facing the Job Market with a Liberal Arts Degree


We get many questions about the value of a liberal arts education given the practical aspect of looking for a job after college. While we 100% support liberal arts, often it’s helpful for students to get a taste of “real life” and problem solving to have more options in the job market after they graduate. Our clients and friends have raved about this program sponsored by Middlebury College (where I live) on their Lake Tahoe campus. MiddCORE is a four-week summer program at Lake Tahoe for current college students and recent graduates who want to develop the SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, and CONFIDENCE to be successful in life and work. Through an intensive daily schedule of small-group classes and mentor-led workshops, students develop skills in teamwork, innovation, trial-and-error exploration, networking, and practical problem solving. This award-winning program is highly collaborative and hands-on. Students work closely with each other and more than 50 mentors from leading fields and professions. This summer’s dates are June 3- July 1, 2017. Mentors include the cofounder of Netflix, the President of Peet’s Coffee, the Managing Director of Brand Solutions at Google, etc… We like the idea of marrying liberal arts with entrepreneurship and Middlebury is particularly good in this respect.

If you are interested in applying, here are the details of the application process.

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