Ivy Admissions

Ivy League Admissions

We are often asked about Ivy League “feeder schools,” meaning high schools that typically send a large amount of graduates to the Ivy League. We work with students in public and private schools, including some of the top private schools in the country: Philips Exeter, Philips Academy, St. Paul’s School, Deerfield Academy, Horace Mann School, Choate Rosemary, and many more.

A Harvard Crimson article on the Class of 2017 offers added insight into the concept of feeder schools and the Ivy League.

  • In the Class of 2017, 6% of admitted students came from only 10 high schools.
  • 11% of high schools with students admitted to Harvard sent 36% of students, while 74% of schools sent only one student.

It would seem then that where you attend high school plays a major role in your Harvard acceptance. According to The Crimson, one out of every 20 Harvard freshman in the Class of 2017 attended one of only seven high schools: Boston Latin, Phillips Academy’s Andover and Phillips Exeter, Stuyvesant High School in New York, Noble and Greenough School in Massachusetts, Trinity School in New York and Lexington High School in Massachusetts.

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