High School Students – Listen With the Intent to Understand

Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark hit the nail on the head in their recent post regarding the disconnect between what colleges are saying and what students are hearing. Here at Top Tier Admissions we’re likeminded with the goal of lifting the murky veil of college admissions and shifting it towards transparency.

Each misinterpretation Barnard and Clark mention is spot on and we couldn’t agree more on colleges and universities becoming more effective communicators in turn requiring our students to become stronger critical listeners.

‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.’ –Stephen R. Covey

Students, let your intention be to fully understand as this, for many, will be your singular college admissions experience. Don’t blow it because you heard what you wanted to hear rather than what was being said.

We’re in love with this post and its message —read on for the full post.

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