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Get a job

Many students think that doing hours of community service will get them into top colleges, but that’s no longer the case. The truth is that many high schools REQUIRE community service, so it’s hard to tell who put their heart into it and who did it because it was required. Admissions officers are tired of the long list of community service projects on applications and students who emphasis how many hours they worked.

If you want a more productive use of your time both during the year and during the summer, get a job! The Common Application now lists five spaces for WORK EXPERIENCE. You don’t want to leave those spaces blank. If you’re too young to work a real job, start your own business: dog walking, house-sitting, whatever! Not only does holding down a job show responsibility, it also shows that you’re not a spoiled, pampered child who has never had to work. Remember; most admissions officers reading your file probably held a job at your age. Don’t delay — get a job today!

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