Early Application Deadlines are Here

Hard to believe that summer is over, the leaves are changing here in the Northeast and our nights are growing longer but most importantly, EARLY APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE UPON US.

Did you know that most colleges and universities fill almost 50 percent of their incoming class in the early decision rounds? If your grades and scores (#1 in admissions) are in range then we hope you’re planning to leverage the early round and up your odds by applying NOW.

The question is… are you ready?


  • If you are NOT waiting for scores, submit your apps this week, if you haven’t already.
  • If you took September or October tests (SAT and Subject Test scores for October just came out 10/19), be sure you update your Common App if needed.
  • Use this weekend to go old-fashioned on your applications and essays, print them out for a final read, and do your FINAL check. By this Sunday afternoon (10/21), wrap up final details, save your files one more time, and submit.


College Early Deadline(s)
Amherst College ED: 11/1/18
Babson College EDI and EA: 11/1/18

EDII: 1/2/19

Barnard College ED: 11/1/18
Bates College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Bentley University ED: 11/15/18
Boston College EA: 11/1/18
Boston University EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/2/19
Bowdoin College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Brown University ED: 11/1/18
Bryn Mawr College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Bucknell EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/15/19
CalTech EA: 11/1/18
Carnegie Mellon University ED: 11/1/18; EA (juniors) 1/1/19
Claremont McKenna EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/5/19
Colby College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Colgate University EDI: 1/15/18; EDII: 1/15/19
Columbia University ED: 11/1/18
Connecticut College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Cornell University ED: 11/1/18
Dartmouth College ED: 11/1/18
Dickinson College EDI: 11/15/18; EA: 12/1/18; EDII: 1/15/19
Duke University ED: 11/1/18
Emerson College EA: 11/1/18
Emory University EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Georgetown University EA: 11/1/18
Hamilton College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Harvard University REA: 11/1/18
Harvey Mudd College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/5/19
Haverford College EDI: 11/15/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Johns Hopkins University ED: 11/1/18
Middlebury College EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
MIT EA: 11/1/18
New York University EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Northwestern University ED: 11/1/18
Pomona College EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Princeton University SCEA: 11/1/18
Rice University ED: 11/1/18
Stanford University REA: 11/1/18
Swarthmore ED: 11/15/18
Tufts University EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Tulane University EA: 11/15/18; EDI: 11/1/18
University of Chicago EA/EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/2/19
University of Michigan EA: 11/1/18
UNC Chapel Hill EA: 10/19/18
University of Pennsylvania ED: 11/1/18
University of South Carolina EA: 10/21/18
University of Virginia EA: 11/1/18
Vanderbilt University EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/1/19
Villanova University EA/ED: 11/1/18
Washington U. St. Louis EDI: 11/1/18; EDII: 1/2/19
Yale University SCEA: 11/1/18

early decision application deadlines


Be sure to finalize your Early Decision II and/or Regular round essays and have them locked and loaded in your online application accounts (UC Application, Common App, etc.). We can help you with your application and your essays immediately via our Common App 911 and Essay Guidance packages! Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage yourself, your essays and your application.


It is your responsibility to ensure every piece of your application has been submitted INCLUDING what your high school is supposed to submit. CHECK the specifics for your early round colleges as policies vary by school and then do your due diligence to ensure all of your ducks are in a row. It’s imperative you stay on top of this important administrative piece to your application. After all, your school won’t get deferred because a document was missing, YOU will.

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