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Get our expert guidance on your transfer essays.

The college transfer essays that make up The Common Application & supplements are not just typical pieces of writing, nor are they just another step in the application process. College essays are an uncommon genre that must catch the attention of admissions officers and illuminate students’ intellect, personality, and potential. Our Senior Counselors have years of experience guiding students in writing essays that make admissions officers take notice.

College Transfer Essay Guidance includes:

  • 5 or 10 Hours of College Transfer Essay Guidance:
    Time includes any combination of detailed written responses and phone/video chat time to brainstorm and discuss ideas and read through drafts
  • Call Summaries:
    Email synopsis of every phone consultation
  • Your Senior Counselor Will:

•Brainstorm and Discuss College Transfer Essay Topics
•Draw out Compelling Angles
•Guide You Through the Writing Process and Help with Writer’s Block
•Offer Candid and Specific Feedback to Drafts
•Provide Motivation and Set Deadlines

Some essays may need only proofreading while others need to be coaxed from a blank page—your Senior Counselor will help with both and everything in between to create compelling essays.

Our counselors are accustomed to tutoring over the phone and reviewing drafts by email. They can work with students from anywhere in the world, at any time.

* This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

High Praise From Past Clients:

"You are so helpful! Now I see why my sister loved working with you so much! Thank you."
-L.P., Transfer Essay Guidance student
"P has heard from two schools, Sewanee and Davidson. She got into both!  We expected a Sewanee acceptance after her visit, but it is a comfort to know she got in.  Davidson was a total unknown. But she got in, to a school with a 15% or so transfer acceptance rate. That is just awesome. I don't know if she ends up there, but it is really a great shot of confidence and happiness after a rather dismal twelve months. Thank you for your advice, thoughts and words through all of this. I tend to think this validates the essays. At least one very selective school liked what she wrote and liked her total package. That pleases me but also makes me hopeful for news to come. At any rate, I thought you would like to know, and to express my thanks for all of your time, thoughts and energy."
–M.K., parent, Transfer Essay Guidance Program
"I am so excited I just had to send you a quick email! I just received my acceptance letter from Vanderbilt, and I've been accepted at UNC Chapel Hill and Emory. I haven't heard back from UT Austin or Wash U yet, but I'm already over the moon at these acceptances. Thank you so, so much for all of your guidance and help in writing my essays and getting my thoughts together into something worth the application reviewers' time. You were so helpful, and I know I couldn't have done this without your guidance. You are an amazing person, and I can't begin to describe how much I appreciate you!"–S.V., Transfer Essay Guidance Program student
"I got into CMU! I am completely overjoyed, I love it so much. Thanks for everything! My writing has greatly improved and I have learned a lot with you so, again, thank you a million." --P.B., Essay Guidance student
“I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me! I have gotten into NYU, UCLA, CAL, Vanderbilt, and Cornell! I would have never have been able to get into those schools without you, thank you so much for helping me strengthen my applications!” –P.M., Transfer Essay Guidance Program
"I was successfully accepted by Cornell University. It has been an honor to work with you. No words can express my gratification for all of the help I received from you. You have helped make my dreams come true and helped me show admissions officers who I really am. Now I have the opportunity to obtain a more well-rounded undergraduate education to prepare myself in facing my future." --L.G., Transfer Essay Guidance Program student
"The notes and comments L. gave me helped me to be able to highlight my strong points and appeal to admissions officers as a transfer student. L. gave me insight on what transfer admissions want and how to make sure I include that in my essay. Within the 5 hours, I was able to finish my Common Application essay and 3 supplemental essays. Every single question I had was addressed in full detail." -R.H., Transfer Essay Guidance Student
"L., I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out with my transfer application! I was accepted to Cornell College of Arts and Sciences starting next semester!!" - N.E., Transfer Essay Guidance Program student