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College Admissions Counseling & Resources for Middle School Students

middle school students enrichmentAmerica’s premier college consultants, Dr. Michele Hernández and Mimi Doe, offer private counseling starting as early as 8th grade for those students who want ongoing, personalized, unlimited-time access. Along with our Enrichment Program for Middle School students and Hernández’s critically acclaimed e-book The Middle School Years, our success working with students has been unparalleled for over a decade.

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Praise for The Middle School Years by Dr. Michele Hernández:

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"Dr. Hernandez, your book has been a tremendous blessing. If I am to share all the changes I have made since reading it, there won't be enough room.  I am so glad that I bought your book. I've already recommended the book to my family and friends." -C.U., Parent of a Middle School student
"This book should be read by all parents before their children are admitted to school. It is second only to Bad Teachers by Guy Strickland. This books provides not only great tips but includes examples on helping your child reach their potential. It truly gives great insight in finding the best school to meet your child's needs." -M. W.
"I purchased several books on this topic, and found that this one by M. was the most thorough & helpful. I recommend it if, you too, are seeking to help your child get organized & receive the most from his or her middle school (and beyond) years." -V. Y., Middle School parent
"This is practical advice that is easy to follow and so necessary for helping your middle school child. This book gave me the confidence to get my 13 year old to get out his notebooks, show me what he had to do, and told him that if his grades were not acceptable, I would be checking his notebook more frequently. I realize I only have a short window of time until I will leave it totally up to him and this book gives great suggestions for getting your student on their way to a successful educational experience." -L. W.
"Having taught at the Middle School level, I highly recommend this book for the parents of children in grades 5-8 who are concerned about their children's education. Ms. Hernandez does understand these unique developmental years and how not to let the child's education slip through the cracks." -B. B.