College Enrichment and Advising Program

Maximize Your College Years Now

Dr. Kristen Willmott​​ will help ​you​ sharpen an academic area, define a clear research-based foundation, and take tangible steps to demonstrate scholarly achievements at the college level.

Rising College Freshmen • College Freshmen • College Sophomores • College Juniors • College Seniors

Clear, informed academic advising is more important this year than perhaps ever before, as students deal with concerns about course offerings, virtual learning, limited extracurricular and research options, and faculty and staff who are juggling more of their own to-do lists.

The College Enrichment Program includes:

  • Personalized college enrichment action summary/ideas relayed via Zoom.
  • Advice on securing faculty research relationships that lead to mentorship and stellar letters of recommendation.
  • Assistance with summer/school break planning, including applications/cover letters/essays/mock interviews 
  • Conference and journal publication ideas, including input/editing for publication outlets.
  • Consultation on extracurriculars we’d advise including clubs, leadership opportunities & community leadership.
  • Resume/CV coaching, editing, and guidance.
  • Someone in YOUR corner who will serve as a key resource to help you personally navigate your college experience.

You worked hard to get into a great college! Now’s the time to make sure you keep that momentum and build a scholarly focus. College is a great time to establish your research area of expertise, connect with key faculty, and dive into academics at a higher level. We can help.

* This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

High Praise From Past Clients:

“Kristen was exceptionally helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable. She was able to help me on all fronts and made me feel much more confident about my ability to achieve my educational and occupational goals. I would absolutely recommend her! She is amazing!” –H.O., Admissions Doctors (Graduate School) student
"Thank you so much for your input as R. has shown much more commitment since we engaged with Top Tier Admissions. Reinforcement from you is really helping. Thank you!"  – A.H., parent
"I know you are dealing with a lot of type A parents, and I want to let you know that you are doing a great job communicating and setting realistic expectations for T. I am amazed at how much she has done and she is even smiling through it all!” –F.B., parent

“You gave S. a realistic assessment and a great roadmap for applying to grad schools!  Based on your recommendation, it sounds like G. probably needs to purchase some time in your Grad School Essay Guidance Program next. He will be processing this purchase shortly! He knows he has work to do and time is of the essence. We really appreciate all of your assistance!”  – U.W., parent

“Working with Top Tier Admissions was a transformative experience for our daughter. When a friend originally mentioned TTA to us some time ago, we were initially quite skeptical about the necessity. After hearing more about the realities of today’s admissions landscape and the advantages of a focused and savvy approach, we signed P. up. Wow, was that a great decision . . . the process boosted her confidence immeasurably, and left her feeling tranquil, organized and in charge of her own journey. What a gift to be so positioned as she begins her senior year! We can’t speak highly enough of the TTA experience!”  – Y.I., parent
The impact that your advice has had on my life is truly inestimable. I am SO grateful to you for the coaching and suggestions that put me on the more scholarly path I've been following these last few years. Being exposed to outstanding professors and bright and ambitious students after my freshman year opened up my mind to all kinds of possibilities, and changed my ideas about what I wanted to strive for, how I approach learning, and what I think I am capable of achieving. I'm more grateful to you and to Top Tier than I can say.”  – Y.R., student