Deferral/Waitlist Analysis Program

Deferred, Waitlisted or Rejected?

Launch an action plan to maximize your chances of admission.

Work with us to figure out what happened that resulted in a deferral or waitlist and launch an action plan to maximize your odds in the regular round.

*Rejected rather than deferred? Don’t worry, this program can still work for you. Same program, same deliverables with (hopefully) different results in the regular round!

This Program includes:

Comprehensive Report

We will review your early application that resulted in a deferral decision or regular application that landed you on a waitlist. This report includes:

  • Analysis of what happened
  • Review and suggestions for submitted essays
  • Step-by-step strategies for moving forward
  • Outline of supplemental materials to submit to the college
  • Evaluation of other acceptances and appropriate matches

Hour Phone Consultation or Video Chat

  • One-hour follow-up call with us to discuss your plan of action based on the Comprehensive Report

Students who do nothing do not get off waitlists or get in once they are deferred. Take focused action now. 

Contact us today to get started!

High Praise From Past Clients:

"The Top Tier Admissions Deferral/Waitlist Analysis Program is a must have if your child has been deferred/waitlisted early. M. and M. will quickly review the application and pin-point ways to improve it for the regular decision round. Rather than living with the uncertainty, they enable you to take action." -D.L., Deferral/Waitlist Analysis Program parent
"Thank you M. and M. for your care, your quick feedback and constant advice. I just cannot believe this is happening. I never thought I'd get off of the wait list at Wellesley and you made it possible. My dream is coming true." -S.I., Deferral/Waitlist Analysis Program Student