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Computer Science Students: Check out Purdue

Purdue University, with an undergraduate enrollment of 29,497, is making news these days. They claim their grads have a “near 100% placement rate” when looking for jobs. If you are a computer science student, you may want to schedule your trip to their main campus in West Lafayette, Indiana this summer.

Purdue recently signed a five-year agreement with Microsoft to take part in an international quantum computing collaboration called “Station Q.” This association includes TU Delft (Netherlands), the Niels Bohr Institute (Denmark), University of Sydney (Australia), ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and the University of Maryland (U.S.).

Station Q will use scalable topological quantum computing to keep a system of interconnected quantum bits (qubits) stable enough for useful computation. Station Q’s interdisciplinary research team blends expertise in materials science, condensed matter physics, electrical engineering and computer architecture.

Computer Science college admissions

What high school computer kid wouldn’t want to be on a campus where the implications of quantum computing at scale are incredible? Experts note that development of a quantum computer would be a quantum leap (no pun intended) in computing, even more so than from counting on our fingers to the super computers of today.


At Purdue, computer science kids can specialize in one or more areas, depending on their interests. Tracks for specialization include:

  • Computational science and engineering
  • Computer graphics and visualization
  • Database and information systems
  • Foundations of computer science
  • Machine intelligence
  • Programming language
  • Security
  • Software engineering
  • Systems programming

If you just dabble in computers but want to be part of this quantum revolution, then consider Purdue’s Bridge Program for accepted freshman. It’s a two week summer program for students with little or no programming experience. Covering 70% of a semester’s class in basic programming, Bridge helps you launch into freshman fall ready to take on the world. Well…. at least able to program a bit better.

Beginning with the 2018 enrolling class, Purdue has changed to Early Action/Regular Decision admission plans. The Early Action application deadline is November 1 (with notification on January 15) and the Regular Decision deadline is January 1 (with notification by March 15). November 1 is the priority deadline for computer science students to apply.

We LOVE nonbinding Early Action because you are not committed to the school (as with early decision) but you’ll hear back in December before you submit your Regular round applications. There’s no risk in applying to Purdue Early Action.

We’ve had students head to Purdue for high school summer programs and those who have attended just for the computer program. If you’re a rising senior seeking colleges to add to your application strategy this summer and computer science is your focus, Purdue’s Early Action round might be one to consider this November.

Are you attending Purdue’s well-known STEP Engineering Program this summer? Tell us in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear about the programming languages you’re going to develop!

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