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TTA Comments on Recent College Admissions Scandal

The admissions process at the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities is a confusing, stressful, and opaque one. The news about the national bribery and cheating scheme run by an individual calling himself a “college counselor” in Newport Beach, California, William “Rick” Singer, is shocking. Rather than provide ethical advice and accurate guidance to students and parents, it appears he paid off coaches and standardized test proctors and parents paid him big bucks to do so. Mr. Singer allegedly cheated colleges, universities, sports teams, and thousands of students who deserved the seats he filled by unethical and unlawful means.

At Top Tier Admissions we have worked tirelessly to make the admissions process more transparent and guide students on how to become top scholars who earn their spots fairly and through their own original work. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and expect that students and families will do likewise.

Top Tier Admissions Code of Ethics

We have conducted business over the last 15 years based on these principles:

  1. Accountability: TTA is a team of college advising professionals who hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, period.
  2. Authenticity: TTA works directly with students to determine the best colleges/universities for them based on the right match and the students’ record of academic achievements, talents, and interests.
  3. Transparency: TTA’s clients know exactly what services they are paying for, and all communication is honest and clear.
  4. Confidentiality: A student’s application, test results, and identity are never shared.
  5. Responsibility: TTA believes in strategically working with students to advise and encourage them, but students are the ones who do the actual work. We do not take shortcuts.

6 replies on “TTA Comments on Recent College Admissions Scandal”

It is shocking that these people would do this, the officials, the parents and unfortunately the kids. I appreciate your standards and the hard work that you required from both of my kids as we utilized your services. Your coaching and guidance gave them the direction they needed in the years leading up to their senior year, however – THEY did 100% of the work to get into their schools and gain the scholarships they earned. I firmly believe that they were more successful because of your coaching but they did the work. That is what a great coach does; guides, directs and builds on what is already there. I sent you two of my children already. They were both successful in University and have successful careers now, I also have a younger child and they will be seeing you in a few years for sure as well. Don’t let these frauds and criminals deter you from the good work that you are doing. Lowlife people that seek the easy way out will always be around us.

Thanks for your note GT we so appreciate your words of affirmation. We care deeply for our students and their parents. The grit and hard work students put in, who rightfully win spots at top schools, creates lasting lessons. There are no shortcuts.

Mimi, you have always been world class. Thank you for all that you do for our kids. You are appreciated by many.

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