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Many Colleges Releasing Supplement College Essay Prompts

UChicago may have led the charge in terms of releasing their supplemental college essay prompts, but more schools are following suit in advance of the August 1, 2016 Common Application release date. Students: start brainstorming NOW and continue to refine your ideas until you have admissions-worthy essays.


Knowing what college admissions officers want in an essay is one of our specialties considering the depth of experience we bring to the table in this arena. We’ve been there (at Dartmouth and Harvard respectively). We know what admissions officers seek so why not tap into that expertise? If you’re a rising senior, do not delay; let us help you refine your college essays until they shine.

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As promised, we’ve collected some information for top schools and have a surprise in store for you; one you won’t want to miss. 2016-2017 supplemental essay topics for some top colleges are listed below – get brainstorming!

Amherst College

Colgate University

Duke University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Tufts University

U Michigan


University of California-Berkeley

University of California-Davis

University of California-Irvine

University of California-Los Angeles/University of California-San Diego

University of Florida

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Villanova University

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Our gift to you.


College essays are truly just the tip of the non-transparent iceberg of college admissions but we are here to tell you that you CAN (and will) get through the process without losing your marbles. Here are 5 of our 15 Tips for Getting Into College Without Losing Your Mind:

  1. Know that there is a college for everyone. The Ivies and some near-Ivy top colleges are extremely tough to get into, but the truth is that once you get past the top twenty most competitive colleges, most schools admit the majority of applicants.
  2. Create a written list of all the schools to which you are applying. Give it to your guidance counselor so that he/she is sure to send the official school report to every college on your list. Your application is incomplete without the school’s documents, even if you send in your part.
  3. Keep it to yourself. Don’t enter into the frenzy of talk about colleges. This is your personal journey to finding the right college and getting crazy about everyone else’s opinions will only bring you down.
  4. Studies have shown that applying Early Decision increases your odds for acceptance dramatically. So get going! Spend time the summer before your senior year discerning your clear first choice college, and then prepare your application.
  5. Identify the teacher who is your strongest supporter. Then do everything you can to stand out in his or her class. This is whom you’ll go to first for that ever-important recommendation.


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Procrastination is NOT your friend, especially in college admissions, and this is doubly true in regards to your essays. Once you have the grades and scores to be considered, YOUR ESSAYS MUST GLOW. With the competition bettering itself each year, we can help you and your essays rise above the rest. With proven results, we DARE YOU to not get in…