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Class of 2023: Regular Decision Notification Dates

Punxsutawney Phil predicted a rare early spring on Groundhog Day 2019. Here in the Northeast, thoughts of early spring give us hope… and remind us that regular decision notification dates are almost upon us!

Waiting can be the worst, especially for results so hard fought.  To relieve a smidge of anxiety and take a little bit of the work out of it for our families, see below for a listing of linked regular decision notification dates or timeframes for this year!

As always, we will be updating as we learn more information.


American University April 1
Amherst College On or around April 1
Babson College By April 1
Barnard College Late March
Bates College By April 1
Bentley University Late March
Boston College By April 1
Boston University Late March
Bowdoin Early April
Brandeis April 1
Brown University End of March
Bryant University Mid-March
Bryn Mawr College End of March (date can vary by year)
Bucknell University By April 1
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Mid-March
Carleton College April 1
Carnegie Mellon University No later than April 15
Claremont McKenna College By April 1
Colby College On or Before April 1
Colgate University TBD
College of William and Mary By April 1
Columbia University Late March
Connecticut College Late March
Cornell University Early April
Dartmouth College On or Before April 1
Davidson College April 1
Dickinson College Late March
Drexel University By April 1
Duke University April 1
Emory University By April 1
Fordham University April 1
George Washington University By Early April
Georgetown University April 1
Hamilton College March 20
Harvard University Late March
Harvey Mudd College Mailed April 1
Haverford College Early April
Johns Hopkins University By April 1
Kenyon College Mid-March
Lafayette College Mailed Late March
Lehigh University Late March
Macalester College March 30
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mid-March
Middlebury College March 23
Mount Holyoke College April 1
New York University April 1
Northwestern University Late March
University of Notre Dame Late March
Oberlin College April 1
Pitzer College April 1
Pomona College By April 1
Princeton University Late March
Rice University By April 1
Skidmore College Late March
Stanford University By April 1
Swarthmore College By Mid-March
Syracuse University Late March
Trinity University April 1
Tufts University By April 1
Tulane University April 1
University of California, Berkeley End of March
University of Chicago Late March
University of Connecticut Begins March 1
University of Michigan Ann Arbor April
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill End of March
University of Pennsylvania By April 1
University of Virginia End of March
Vanderbilt University Late March
Villanova University By April 1
Wake Forest University By April 1
Washington University, St. Louis April 1
Wellesley College Late March
Wesleyan University Late March
Williams College By April 1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute April 1
Yale University By April 1

Any schools you’d like to see added to our list? Reply in the comments and we’ll get them up for you!

19 replies on “Class of 2023: Regular Decision Notification Dates”

Oxy: Both EDI and EDII decisions are mailed within a month after the deadline. We can only assume the same holds true for regular decision applicants for which the deadline is January 15.

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