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Many students are heading off to visit colleges this summer. Before you actually travel, do some research on each school before you arrive on campus – spend time on each school’s web site, read about schools on College Prowler’s web site, look into research opportunities, strong departments, well known professors, etc…

Here are some things to do during your college visits to make the most of your time: visit a class, talk to students, visit the library and see if you feel comfortable there. See a dorm, talk to a professor about your interests and find out about specific departments, visit any special places that correspond to your interests (music studios, art museums, etc…) and take notes! This will help you later when you write why you are choosing a particular school

Make these visits work for you! Don’t just take the tour/info session route — venture out! Talk to students, stop by your favorite academic department and speak to a professor, observe a class, see a dorm, do an overnight visit. Besides giving you a better feel for the school so you can figure out where to apply, doing targeted visits like this will also be useful in your application when you take time to describe WHY you are applying and why you consider yourself a good match for the school. The moral of the story is, don’t just be led down the boring propaganda road of info sessions — target your visits to get more mileage out them and to make an informed decision about which school is best for you!

We also urge students who have overnight college visits to be very careful and stay safe and for parents to discuss the SADD study below with their sons and daughters. Not only will their decisions impact their health and well-being, but colleges will not be excited to admit a student who was drunk and disorderly when visiting.

Study results below are from SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Liberty Mutual Group.

Almost four in ten teens (39.1 percent) who have stayed overnight on a college campus report engaging in drinking, other drug use or sex during those visits. The study also indicates these dangerous behaviors are far more prevalent among boys than among girls.

The study, conducted for SADD and Liberty Mutual by RoperASW, found the following behaviors among the high school teens who have visited a college campus for an overnight visit.

Sex – More than one in four teens (28 percent) report ‘having sex,’ and an additional 4.2 percent report engaging in ‘other types of sexual activity.’ Drinking – One in four teens (25.5 percent) reports drinking alcohol. Drugs (other than alcohol) – More than one in five teens (21.5 percent) report using drugs. All risky behaviors – One in eight teens (12.4 percent) reports engaging in all of the dangerous behaviors: drinking, drug use, and sexual activity.

Additionally, the research indicates boys’ behaviors on these overnight campus visits tend to be riskier than girls’ behaviors. For example, boys are two to three times more likely than girls to report having sex (41.5 percent vs. 14.6 percent), drinking (36.3 percent vs. 14.8 percent) or using drugs (29.7 percent vs. 11.6 percent).

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