Calling All Aspiring Research Mathematicians

Are you a high school student interested in mathematical research? Do you consider mathematics to be a ‘unique and wonderful way of life’ like MIT Primes Chief Research Advisor Pavel Etingof? How about the opportunity to work directly with some incredible mathematicians and a like-minded peer group to potentially experience the thrill of proving a new theorem? Sound interesting?


Kudos to MIT Primes and Art of Problem Solving for joining forces and providing just such an opportunity! Jointly launching CrowdMath, an online collaborative research project, provides mathematically sophisticated high school students from around the globe, the opportunity to experience research mathematics and collaborate on unsolved problems under the mentorship of renowned mathematicians. CrowdMath is an open project, therefore no deadlines, simply register for a free account on the AoPS site and begin to experience the thrills of mathematical research for yourself!

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