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Calculate your Academic Index

A is for AdmissionThe Academic Index is a formula the Ivies use predominately for recruited athletes (not to be confused with applicants who happen to have played sports in high school; if you’re being recruited, you know who you are!). It combines SAT scores, SAT Subject Tests and a student’s class rank. Even for non-recruits, it can be a helpful guideline to show students how they stack up among Ivy applicants.

Michele’s book, A is for Admission, was the first one to publicize the Academic Index and explain how Ivy admissions offices use it. Normally that wouldn’t be notable except for the fact that the Ivies publicly denied the existence of the formula for over 40 years! Please realize that the AI does not take into account the crucial subjective factors such as love of learning, teacher recommendations, writing skills, etc., but it will give you a ballpark idea of what your chances of admission are at top colleges. The correspondence between high AI’s and high admission rates is very high. So enter your information and see how you stack up.

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