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Accepted in the Early Round –Now What?

Bravo! You were accepted to your top choice college in the early round. Now what?

Granted, much of the hard work is behind you but you aren’t done just yet. The remainder of your senior year remains a pivotal time for seniors because colleges CAN change their minds.

Now that you’re IN you need to ensure that you stay IN. Here’s how:

Don’t Slack in School OR Get Into Trouble

If you applied early to college and were accepted, CONGRATULATIONS! However, this is no reason to stop going to class, or to decide to stage a sit-in on the principal’s car with a can of beer—because if you mess around, you can you still be “unaccepted.” Each year an unlucky handful of kids are “unaccepted” to top colleges because of poor senior year performance. You’ll notice if you look at an acceptance letter that acceptance is contingent upon a strong senior year. Major ethical infractions (cheating, axe-murdering your neighbor, etc…) and big grade drops can compel colleges to rescind their decision. Many schools have long waiting lists and will have no trouble finding someone great to fill the spot of a cheater or a delinquent. Don’t let this happen to you. It varies by schools, but most schools will send a warning letter if your overall average drops to C or if you get two grades of C- or below during any one term. Avoid the problem by maintaining at least a B average. Besides, you have at least four more years of learning left—and you don’t want to disappoint your teachers who supported you (and wrote recommendation letters) in the first place! Michele used to write these letters at Dartmouth to over a dozen kids a year – they heard their explanations and then decided on whether to rescind admission or not.

Enjoy Your High School

Have you been so busy these four years that you never made it over to the studio art room monthly exhibits? Ever seen your high school fencing team compete? Always wanted to try out for a play? Now’s the time!! Enjoy your remaining months in high school. Just keep “clean” as far as behavior.


Plan a Great Summer

Can you even believe you’re hearing us say that? This is your chance to go to cooking school, take sailing lessons, or lie on the beach. No standardized tests to prep for or academic niches to deepen. If you want to do a gap year, be sure to clear it with your college as they have to grant it to you! As you get older, free time gets harder and harder to find – it’s fine to take some time off before college to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Read Your Future College Newspaper Online

While you want to be present to your time in high school, it’s fun to read about your future home and see what’s happening on campus.


Read the Classics!

In college, you will most likely have distributive requirements or a freshman seminar where you will read high level books. Order a course by The Teaching Company on great literature ( and make it a goal to read 5-10 classics before freshman year. That way you will have a leg up, especially if you are more math/science oriented.


Congratulate yourself on a job well done as your hard work clearly paid off with your acceptance(s) but understand your work is not yet done. Finish up senior year strong knowing you have a leisurely summer ahead as you prepare to embark on yet another four-year adventure.

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