College admissions consultants Dr. Michele Hernandez, Mimi Doe, Dr. Kristen Willmott, Maria Laskaris, Dr. Eliza Fox and Dr. Elizabeth Doe Stone have worked with over 3,000 students from more than 18 countries for the past twenty years. 95% of their students get into their 1st or 2nd choice college.

Why We Formed Top Tier Admissions

Dr. Michele Hernandez (after attending Dartmouth College and getting her Master’s in Comparative Literature and English at Columbia) spent four years in the Dartmouth admissions office and then founded Hernandez College Consulting after writing her best-selling book, A is for Admission. She went on to write The Middle School Years and Acing the College Application. Business Week featured Dr. Hernandez in a cover story article and she has appeared on national TV shows (Today, CNN) and in national print media (NY Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, etc…).

Mimi Doe, with a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard and best-selling author of 5 books including Busy but Balanced, joined forces with Dr. Michele Hernandez to write Don’t Worry: You’ll Get In and launch the internationally acclaimed Application Boot Camp®. Students from around the world work with Michele and Mimi in this sell out program year after year to create applications and admissions strategies that result in top college acceptances.

Responding to demand, Hernandez College Consulting and Application Boot Camp® bring their existing programs and services to Top Tier Admissions so students and families everywhere can receive their expert guidance even if they are unable to take part in their private counseling.

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