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2021-2022 Supplemental Essay Questions

Many colleges and universities are releasing their supplemental essay questions early, which means rising seniors can get a start on those essays this summer and take advantage of the early round.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse as admissions has changed because of COVID and you want to be prepared!

Step 1: Make sure you have a wise application strategy in place.

Step 2: Craft compelling, authentic essays and leverage the Common Application to best present yourself to admissions officers.


Our students attending our completely sold-out Application Boot Camp 2021 ® will have their application packages finalized by early August. For those unable to attend who require guidance building their college list, deepening their academic niche and crafting their application and essays, book a Personal Boot Camp where you will work directly with one of our top Senior Counselors.

T received a letter for those who’d been accepted to Harvard. At the end of it, a handwritten paragraph was added by the individual who was T’s reader and who then presented her to the entire committee. She commented on how she saw T’s interest in art history throughout all aspects of her application and how impressive it was how everything tied together. We immediately looked at one another and said, “That was Top Tier!” Bottom line – hats off to your team! I can’t imagine where we would be without you!” –Essay Guidance Program parent

Students who don’t require the immersive guidance of our Boot Camp programs benefit from working one-on-one with one of our Senior Counselors to craft unique, stand-out essays with our Essay Guidance Program.


Note: Some schools, like Georgetown University, use their own application. Students interested in Georgetown must first complete and submit the Georgetown Application (a short form), which initiates the alumni interview and grants you access to the official application platform. The University of California likewise uses their own distinct application for their nine campuses.


* = 2021-2022 prompts

We’ll continue to update this list as supplements are released. Feel free to note any schools we might have missed in the comments and remember… scores and grades are key but your essays are what ‘frosts the proverbial cake’.

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