2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Parents and the Students They Love

Our Top Tier Admissions’ team rounded up some of our favorite finds for parents of high school/soon to be college-aged kids and their ever so lucky children. Happy Holidays and enjoy perusing our gift ideas for the mind, body, and spirit.



Gift for Parents: I love the idea of this constellation print that shows what the night sky looked like on the day each of your children were born. A neat home-office gift!

Gift for Students: This book called The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People’s Lives Better, Too) offers a neat intro on how to assess how best to become not only happier, but more innovative, productive, creative, and curious.


Gift for Parents and Students: The Muse2 headband, of course! Muse 1 headband was the first created by this company to help you go even deeper into meditation. It’s a super-cool product and uses brainwaves to help guide you to a meditative state.


Gift for Parents and Students: The Tracer360 from Noxgear is my favorite thing of the year — so you don’t get run over when you walk past 4pm in winter or go running when it’s on the darker side – it’s so groovy. There is also one you can buy for your dog called the Lighthound. How cool is that?

Gift for Students: Give a subscription to any of my favorite magazines:

Astronomy, Atlantic Monthly, and/or the New Yorker.


Gift for Parents: My favorite gift for parents wanting a little healthy boost during the day would be this Matcha Tea and steam some Oat Milk to go on top. I start every morning with this treat.

I’d also suggest this great box of conversation starters to use with your kids. My favorite book of the month is the novel Washington Black by Esi Edugyan.  Can’t put it down!

Gift for Students: I’d buy every student this water bottle.  It’s a great way to track how much water you drink. Drink water and improve your mood, have more energy, and be healthier.

And if you have a budding scientist definitely check out this fascinating guide to the elements, The Element in the Room: Investigating the Atomic Ingredients that Make Up Your Home.


Gift for Parents and Students: For parents but really for parents to give their college student or boarding school student! Various healthy gift baskets from It’s Only Natural Gifts. Check out the Organic Snack Attack Gift Basket. Yum!

Gift for Parents and Students:Read your way through 100 iconic books with this super neat 100 Books Scratch Off Poster. You can even frame it if you like!   


Gift for Students: I’d recommend a subscription to The Concord Review. Seeing what other students have produced is inspiring, and reviewing the journal’s style can help students prepare their own pieces for submission.

I’d also recommend a paper monthly planner (like this one), which I use in conjunction with a daily planner. Seeing the whole month at a glance makes it much easier to track recurring appointments.

Also, for any students preparing to leave for college, I highly recommend How to Cook Everything: The Basics. It’s a good primer for anyone who’s never really had to fend for him- or herself in the kitchen.

Gift for Parents: (Especially those preparing for their kids to head off to college), I’m a big fan of photo prints and displays from Artifact Uprising. I use the wood block and prints myself (I like begin able to rotate the photos every day!), but the company also makes books, calendars, etc.

Finally, in the wake of the recent climate reports, I’ll be making donations in my family members’ names to 350.org, an organization working to fight climate change. The best part? 350.org tracks grassroots environmental campaigns around the world, so interested gift recipients can find local organizations and continue fighting climate change throughout the new year.

Happy Shopping!

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