Can’t travel to our Boston, MA Boot Camp? No problem!
Spend one long weekend working directly with one of our Personal Boot Camp Senior Counselors and put your college application stress behind you. No other program in the world brings the expertise of Application Boot Camp® directly to your doorstep.

Prior to
Personal Boot Camp®
students receive:

  • Personalized Admissions Report:
    A detailed assessment of academic credentials, road map for targeted colleges, ways to hone your academic niche, advice on class selection, and standardized testing
  • Personal Consultation:
    Meet with Dr. Michele Hernandez or Mimi Doe via phone to discuss your Admissions Report and review next steps
  • e-Copies Of:
    The Ultimate Guide to Top High School Summer Programs, The Ultimate Guide to Top High School Contests and Awards, Enrichment Guide, Resource Guide, Activity Sheet Tips and Samples, Activity Sheet Template, practice ACT and SAT exams
  • Access To:
    All recorded virtual workshops from Mimi and Michele

During the 3 days of
Personal Boot Camp®
students will:

  • Work with a Senior Counselor Who Travels to YOU
  • Complete the Entire Common Application
  • Prepare Multiple Essays using the Application Boot Camp® Plan
  • Complete an Activity Sheet
  • Take Part in Interview Training

This exclusive program is extremely limited & is available on a first come, first served basis.


Three days of one-on-one work with a Senior Counselor from the Application Boot Camp® team.

Tuition plus travel

We’re now booking registration for 2016 & 2017. Let us know your top 2 preferred 3-day timeframes and we’ll secure your dates!

High Praise From Past Clients:

"R was amazing to work with and incredibly responsive! His attention to detail and ability to get our daughter to focus on the application process was extremely beneficial and actually got P really excited about the whole process. P’s days were intense but she was thrilled to have accomplished so much in three days. My husband and I wish to thank R and everyone at Top Tier for their assistance!" --S.T., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
"I burst out laughing reading R’s Common App essay.  The first sentence of the second paragraph is hilarious. Oh my goodness it is so funny- AND TERRIFIC!!! I enjoyed the progression, and it certainly kept my interest.  You helped to bring out the best in R. What a gift.  Wow!!! 'Thank you' cannot convey how well you facilitated R's ability to convey herself and her interests in these essays." --T.W., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
"Thank you so much for the work you did with T.  We are thrilled and know the guidance you gave him made the difference! SO glad this is over.  Now he has to decide....!" --Y.U., Personal Boot Camp fall student
"B. and M.--I just found out about Northwestern....and I got in! It's so overwhelming, but amidst it all I just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am for all the help you have given my family and I. I honestly would not have been able to do any of this without you guys. We are so appreciative of your hard work and guidance. We cannot thank you enough. Hope you have a wonderful weekday and holiday season!"-Personal Boot Camp Student, worked with Lead Senior Counselor B.
"My wife and I would like to thank you so much for a very productive PBC over the last three days. B. is awesome! And of course, Michele has provided us so many valuable suggestions. We can really see your dedication and love for what you do. Our family, especially T., is more comfortable with the college application process now. We only wish that we would have reached out to Top Tier Admissions last year. Once again, thanks a lot for everything!" -O.R., parent of Personal Boot Camp student
"We can't begin to thank you enough for G's personal boot camp this weekend with P. T. He is not just excellent, he is exceptional!! What a talent he has in his writing ability and his ability to bring out an advanced writing skill in our son G. He is so pleased with his essays. They both were extremely diligent. P. has a gift to be able to communicate so well with G. as well as with us. If we could, we would love to adopt him!" -Parent of Personal Boot Camp student
"It was such a great experience. R. is amazing, and your service with the application boot camp is worth every penny. I am so glad we worked with your consulting group." -Personal Boot Camp Parent
"I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that Y. was accepted ED to Dartmouth yesterday! We appreciate all of your help. Happy holidays!" -Parents of Personal Boot Camp student
"B. and M. have been the best senior counselors and supporters for our son T. with his last minute applications. I just wanted to pass this on to your staff. I know you know how excellent they are, but they really are that and then some! T.'s essays are still a work in progress with several more edits ---they are our lifesavers in this 11th hour. Thank you SO much for your team!" -R.O., Parent of Personal Boot Camp student and Essay Guidance Package student
"What a great experience it was for our daughter and ourselves to have B. here for the 3-day Personal Boot Camp! The intensive session was exactly what we all needed to feel comfortable and indeed confident with the plan for W's college process. B. did a remarkable job guiding our daughter through the steps for a very productive weekend resulting in some impressive essays and a tremendous amount of prep work done for the applications and supplements. Your program and B. were extremely beneficial!" -Parent of Personal Boot Camp student

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