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Learn the secrets of getting into elite colleges and graduate schools from the nation’s premier admissions experts. With three Ivy League degrees between them, four years working in Dartmouth College’s admissions office, and multiple bestselling books including their coauthored Don’t Worry You’ll Get In!, this dynamic duo has been featured everywhere from The New York Times and Business Week to The Oprah Winfrey Show. For the past 12 years their internationally acclaimed 4-day Application Boot Camp® has sold out within months of opening registration. They work with a limited number of students from around the world.


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Helping students prepare the best possible application for the last 12 years.

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Work one-on-one with Mimi & Michele, starting as early as 8th grade.

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"Michele and Mimi--I’m happy (and proud) to relay the good news! P. got accepted to University of Virginia! We are over the moon! Thank you and your team for your support and patience throughout the process." --January 2016, parents of Application Boot Camp 2015 student
"Thank you Michele and Mimi for the support. We are very, very happy! Many thanks to you and your team for helping T. reach her goal!" --January 2016, parents of Application Boot Camp 2015 student
"Mimi and Michele, I just found out that I have an unconditional offer from Oxford!" - T.Y., Application Boot Camp 2015 student, January 2016
"I was just accepted into Dartmouth! I have yet to thank you for all the help with my application and support from this summer, so thank you so much!"– K.R., 2015 Boot Camp Student
"Thank you for the amazing application bootcamp experience! I was accepted to Dartmouth and will be attending as part of the class of 2020!!! I couldn't have done it without you. Go big green!"– S.T., 2015 Boot Camp Student
"Thank you M., M. and K. for your support throughout this process. The past year has been transformational in N.'s preparation to become a competitive candidate for NYU Stern following the "wake up call" of the report and the first conference call with you. We had a great debate on Business as an undergraduate major vs. Liberal Arts...and the academic profile N. would have to demonstrate for admission to a school like Stern where admission levels now hover around 12-15%. Thank you M. also for the recommendation on taking the Harvard Stats 104 Class for credit, following Boot Camp. It was tougher than any class at Hockaday, but definitely worth it."-- Parent of Boot Camp 2015 student, December 2015
"Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement! I am so excited."– P.L., 2015 Boot Camp Student
"J.'s in at his first choice school!  Thanks so much for all the help and support.  The admissions person said that his essay was among the first she read and it became the "bar" for all the others.  He is beyond thrilled!"-Parent of Boot Camp 2015 student, December 2015
"Michele--Y. was accepted to Wharton! Thanks to you and everyone at Top Tier!!!!! Many, many thanks. I really believe that you gave Y. very good guidance. And now we have two more kids to focus on!"--T.R., parent of Boot Camp 2015 student, December 2015
"Thank you Top Tier Admissions for supporting me. My high school advisor also thanks you."-- Boot Camp 2015 Student
"P. definitely felt challenged at Boot Camp, but consistently remarked at day's end that he knew you all were driving him to another level.  He felt that he came away with excellent essays that are authentically his. All that is my way of saying a heartfelt thank you!"- I.W., parent of Application Boot Camp 2015 student
"It’s a great relief to have a specific game plan for college applications. There’s so much involved these days, I can’t imagine trying to figure it out on our own. For her to finish her common app and college specific essays with the help of such qualified and professional staff is a huge relief. She has friends that are jealous that she’s done!"-ABC2015 Parent
"Boot Camp takes weight off my shoulders. My major essays are done and I have a well-thought-out application strategy."-J. A., ABC2015 student
"I accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed!"-ABC2015 student
"Being at Boot Camp is an unmatched experience."-ABC2015 student
"I had no idea Boot Camp would cover college interviews and teacher recommendations. That was so useful!" -ABC2015 Student
"Boot Camp was an incredibly effective use of my time and dramatically cut my stress levels during the application process." -ABC2015 student
"The individual attention I received and the extent of resources was amazing. The Top Tier Admissions team really made an effort to know my story and help me develop great college essays." -C. C., ABC 2015 student
"Michele and Mimi really helped me develop my academic niche!" -ABC2015 student
"Boot Camp was rewarding because my essays are done and I have confidence in my college applications." -ABC2015 student

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